Thursday, April 17, 2008

My computer was fried by I-tunes!

OMG! Yes, it's true everyone - my I-tunes updates fried my hard drive. Apparently some application called "Safari" is NOT compatible with my version of Windows (it's the whole Mac/PC thing) and caused my poor, poor computer to go kaput!

Oh well, the Geek Squad is recovering my data files hopefully as I type this from some secret remote location (oh, that sounds so cool, but I promise you, this adventure is so NOT cool!). Anyway, I am *hoping* to be up and running again by Friday evening. Keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers!

BTW, if you had registered for one of my April classes or for the special Scrapbook Purse class, please send me a new e-mail so I can re-create my rsvp list. Thanks guys - you are the best, most patient stampers in the world! (e-mail:

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