Monday, June 2, 2008

Emma takes Gold!

I just had to share a personal moment with you today - my daughter skated her final singles competition of the season yesterday and she earned her FIRST Singles GOLD medal ever! After a horrible practice session on Saturday, we weren't sure what would happen yesterday, but according to her coach, she skated her best skate ever (of course, WE thought so!) and earned her spot at the top of the podium!

We are so proud of our super skater and I wanted to tell the world! Thanks for indulging my moment of parental pride!


  1. Congratulations Emma! What a great way to end the season!

  2. Way to go, Emma! I can tell you're proud, Robin, and rightfully so!

  3. I'm going to leave a comment on your cute blog! Congrats to your daughter! She's also very cute. Hope you are doing well!


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