Friday, August 22, 2008

WOW! 10,000 Blog hits! AND Wednesday's Winner Announced!

I woke up this morning to post my Blogger's Challenge and noticed that sometime last night, I'd had my 10,000th visitor to the blog! Thank you SO much!

This calls for a CELEBRATION! How about some Blog Candy?!

Here's what I'm going to do: Leave me a comment on this blog entry and tell me what you LOVE the most about Stamping and Scrapbooking AND what you like about my blog that keeps you viewing!
On Monday morning the 25th, I'll randomly choose a winner and give away - drum roll please...............

A Fall Mini-Album exactly like the one I posted earlier this week - the one I made with the Big Shot! And, there will be another cool surprise in the package as well!

I also want to announce that Tammy Bolster from Wisconsin won my card layout challenge this week! She sent me an adorable card using the layout from this post:

Congrats Tammy! I'll posting the picture of her card over the weekend and her blog candy gift of a Coaster Mini-Album and more coasters to create her own will be in the mail today!

Happy Stamping everyone!


  1. Congrats on your milestone!!
    I keep coming back to see all the great creations you share. That is the thing I love most about stampin/scrapping. I tell everyone, stamp/scrapers are the nicest people in the world. We all share so much!

  2. What do I love about stamping is that you can be creative without having to be a "real" artist... And I love to share that with my friends and customers. What I love about your blog is that all your projects are so do-able but VERY pretty, and you think outside the box - just like when you did the lampshade with the basket - neat idea! Keep them coming..

  3. Congrats on your 10,000 hits! I have you on Google Reader and I always look forward to reading your new posts. I love getting a sneak peek at what we will be making when I come to your house! And my favorite thing about stamping is having a creative outlet to help me relax and have "me" time.

  4. Congrats to you! What I love about scrapbooking is the whole design process and then seeing the finished product - oftentimes my final product is so different from the idea I had in mind originally. I love your 3-D projects the best! Keep up the great ideas!

  5. I love that even I, who almost failed art in 8th grade, can make beautiful things with the wonderful stamps from SU!!!! I truly have overcome my "I don't do art" mode!

    I would love to win this little album (even though, I already copied the idea and am using it for a hostess gift for my Sept. workshops!!!! Thank you my friend!!!) Congrats on all of these hits!!!

  6. Wahoo! Congrats on 10,000 hits! I check this blog everyday! I love the to see the beautiful projects you make and they help to inspire me to create! You are great at putting colors together that I would have never thought to use! I love to stamp because it relaxes me and allows me to take my mind of the every day things and focus on creating something speical.
    :) Andrea Bradley

  7. Congrats! I love stamping and creating cute and fun things and sharing them with others, it's also less expensive than therapy!!! ;) I read your blog daily-I haven't seen a project I haven't liked yet! You're awesome! thanks for sharing.

  8. I keep coming back to see all the great things you have created. They say your creative juices flow better when you are with Creative people and you are about as creative as they come. I love being able to build off of someone elses ideas and make it my own. I guess this is what I like so much about scrapping and stampin'. Congratulations on your blog hits. You are great!
    Debi Pippin

  9. Hurray for both of us! Congrats on your 10,000 hits. I found your blog through another that I like to look at. I am so pleased that you use SU products as it makes it easier for those of us (demonstrators) that are looking for some inspiration. Congratulations again & have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I love seeing my efforts right there in front of me. Whether it's a card to save or send, or a scrapbook page of my kids, it brings me joy!

    Your blog brings me joy too! I feel like I'm hearing you talk right next to me when I read what you're up to! I'm getting a little Sizzix envy though since I didn't get the whole starter pack -- I hand picked just a couple to start. I may be ordering more very soon! Congrats on having so many stampin' fans! :-)

  11. Hi Robin. I love to stamp because it's a pleasant creative outlet. I always like to hand make things for people, and although i usually don't have time to make them a quilt, at least i can make them a nice card to let them know i'm thinking about them. And i love coming to your site to see what new & inspiring projects you've come up with...that i might get a chance to do myself when i come to stamp camp!

  12. You're creations are GREAT idea starters! The thing that I love most about stamping is that every item is unique!

    Stephanie Fitch

  13. I love your blog because your projects are super cute...

    I also like that I have met you before and it helps to have a face to put with the blog...

  14. Congrats on your hits! The thing I like most about scrapbooking and stamping is that it helps me to relax. I also like that when I make a page or card for someone, it is more speical and personalized because I spend time making it fo the person. I love your blog because you always have so many good ideas. :)


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