Monday, September 29, 2008

No, I didn't get lost in Utah!

But, man, it sure was hard to come home again!
Sorry I've been AWOL for the last week - I came home to mucho work piled up and lots of family catching up to do, so I truly had no time to post anything even though I wanted to! I have a lot of fun pics to share, so I'll be posting some each day over the next few days, so keep checking back, ok?

This year's Founder's Circle trip was simply fabulous - I wish I could have packed you all up and taken you with me! We had the entire hotel to ourselves and this big banner welcomed us from the moment we stepped off the bus!

When we got to our rooms, we each had this cute door hanger waiting just for us - and we got to bring it home too!

And boy, did they ever feed us well! There was a great big room at the hotel set up with comfy couches, bean bag chairs and lots of tables for stamping and sharing - but look - these candy bars were everywhere in that room! Complete with little buckets and pink ribbon for us to take our fill! Talk about paradise! I didn't know where to start!

My very first excursion was to the day spa where I did the Queen for a Day treatments! I definately left my worries at the door for a while!

I was treated to a Hot Stone Massage, European Facial, Manicure, Pedicure and new hairstyle! Gotta go get me a flatiron now - I kinda liked it! check out the picture at dinner below and tell me what you think!

That night, I reserved a room at Famous Dave's BBQ restaurant just down from the hotel and about 20 of us went and had some really good bbq and SWEET ICED TEA! That is really hard to find in Utah, but Famous Dave's is in the south as well and having enjoyed their food many times - I KNEW they'd be able to hook me up!
This picture is of me with some of my buddies - L to R - Debbie Naylor, Me, Debbie Moczek and Tammie Ackerson.

Not pictured to protect the innocent is Aly Schilling, who enjoyed the ears of corn from everyone's plate around her. She is expecting her first baby and apparently the little one likes corn!

We were entertained by a very intoxicated man who wandered in from the bar after he heard our laughter and silliness. He proceeded to try and give back massages to each gal around the table, but when he got to me I told him he better not touch me because I was a cop. He didn't like that too much so he wandered back into the bar and we got the manager. Such excitement for a bunch of stamping ladies! Whew!

Come back tomorrow and I'll share pictures from the Pajama Party - and more!


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  1. Talk to me about that name plaque. Do you think that phase 3 Decor Elements? I'm SO praying for custom DE for Christmas!


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