Monday, November 24, 2008

A Proud Mama Speaks!

Just look at that smile, will ya!

We had such an exciting weekend in West Virginia! Emma's Synchro team skated their way to a Silver medal in their first competition of this season!

Way to go National Blades!

I know, this is my CREATIVE blog - but it's MY blog and I want to brag on my daughter for a minute! She loves to ice skate and loves her synchro team so much. They had a pretty hard transitional year last year, only medaling at a few competitions, but lots of hard work and determination are paying off - placing 2nd out of 5 teams in her division at this competition is a BIG deal!

We are so proud, bet ya couldn't tell!

Synchronized skating is a way cool sport - it's amazing to me how 12 girls can do what they do in such tight formations on ice skates and not topple over like dominos! I can barely do a cross over!

If you want to see more, their website is There is some video on there from some of last years competitions and more should be coming in the next month or so of this year's performances.

Sometimes you can see the college teams perform on ESPN, so if you ever get a chance and you like skating, check it out. It's really amazing!
Happy Monday!


  1. Congratulations to Emma! You make us all proud!
    Nancy C.

  2. Congratulations Emma! What a great way to start the season. :)

  3. Silver medal! Way to go! congratulations Emma! (and mom) that's so cool!

  4. She is sooo darn cute Robin!!! Congrats on winning the medal too!! And I say brag all you want its your blog!!!!

  5. Way to go, Emma! (and Mom) She looks so pleased and happy, and i'm very proud of her!


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