Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Hawaii Pics!

Wow! It's such a dreary, rainy day here in Virginia, it's a good thing I had planned to post more Hawaii pics for you today. I needed to see some sunshine!

The first photo is of the sunrise one morning from our balcony. Mark did not see this because he was still sleeping. And as one friend put it "A sunrise is just a sunset backwards!" But, I thought it was beautiful and am so glad I got up to see it!

This next picture is of us on the catamaran we were on for the Whale Watching trip. It was the perfect day to be out on the water, sunny, breezy, perfect temperature (everything today is NOT!) We didn't see many whales, actually, we saw more from the shore at our resort than on this trip, but this was one of the highlights for me. I simply love being out on the water and it couldn't have been better!

Here is a picture of me and two of my best buds (L to R) Selene Kempton, Tiffany Bauer and Me. I think we were on our way to dinner at Merriman's Restaurant Cafe. Yes, that was really the name of the restaurant! No family discount though! LOL!~

Here I am with two of my Blogger's Challenge buddies, Jeanette Swain and Claudia Perry. We were at the fabulous private breakfast that Stampin' Up! had for us on the patio overlooking the lagoon at the resort. Great friends, great food and gorgeous scenery!

Lastly for today is me with my friend from Iowa, Susie Wood. We met at my first Founder's Trip in 2007 and just hit it off right away. She is so sweet and I love getting to see her at SU! events!

That's all the pictures Blogger will let me upload again today, so I'll be back with more later this week! Enjoy this look at the sunshine if you are stuck in the gray clouds today!


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