Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shimmer Spray

Hi again! I'm just popping by because I've gotten a few questions about the Hand Sanitizer Shimmer Spray I used on my Stamping 411 card today. And since it's easier to post a photo and show you as opposed to responding to all the questions separately - that's what I decided to do.

Here is the photo of the two supplies you need:
Spray Hand-Sanitizer and a jar of Shimmer Paint (any color will do, but I used Champagne Mist)

The hand sanitizer I used was available at Memento Mall during Leadership and I'll never forget how after Shannon West showed us how to make this spray from Main Stage - there was a hasty exit by MANY demos rushing to get downstairs to buy them up! I passed a friend of mine on the escalator who was joyfully holding a bag over her head saying "I got some of the last ones!".
The bridal gown run at Filene's Basement has nothin' on determined SU! Demos.
Fortunately, I'd purchased a few of these babies the day before - granted, it was for the traditional use, but hey, at least I had some!

Anyway, you can use any spray hand sanitizer and they are readily available at most drugstore chains. All you have to do is unscrew the spray top and drain out just a little of the sanitizer. Then slowly pour in a little of the Shimmer Paint. The paint will sink to the bottom, so just drain off sanitizer and add paint until you have the mix you want. I probably added too much, but then again, you can never have too much bling, right?

When you are ready to spray, just shake up the container, hold it back a little bit from your project ( I recommend testing the spray power first, some will spray more forcefully than others) and spritz until you get the blinginess you are looking for! It helps keep your work area bling free if you use a piece of Grid Paper to catch the overspray. And if you happen to get some on your hands, well then, they are clean and shimmery!
Since the sanitizer sprays are alcohol based, they dry almost instantly - awesome!

Have fun with your Shimmer Spray and be sure to share your creations with me and the other Operators at Stamping 411!


  1. Robin, Thank you! I was just searching around on your blog for this information! Blessings, Kym

  2. thanks, never thought of using hand sanitizer.. I just use straight alcohol in a mini spray bottle.. TFS! R ;)

  3. Thanks Robin for the directions...rushing out to buy some SPRAY! Have shimmer paint, will spray!!!!!!

  4. I do remember all those demos rushing out to buy up all those bottles!!! Glad I had bought me enough before hand!!


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