Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AWOL.....Not Really!

I hope you weren't wondering where I was yesterday! I had planned to get some stamping done, but there has been a little buzz in Stampin' Up! land about this waaay cool Color Renovation and I was a little busy Monday and Tuesday........ :) More great info for you about THAT later!

So, no, I didn't stamp a THING the past two days and it about killed me, but I do have some fabulous RAK's that I've received lately that I'm going to post in a little bit just so you have some eye candy, ok?

For now, let me leave you with a funny, but oh, too true story that happened to me yesterday - if you are a busy Mom, or have been, you will sooooo relate:

This just proves that I am losing my mind:

(Picking up Emma at the bus stop to go to the ice rink in Fairfax)
Me: "Hey Em, I've got your snack and skating stuff, how was school?"

Em: "Great Mom, thanks! School was good." (puts in ipod earphones and tunes me out)

Now we drive 50 minutes to the rink.......
Pulling up at the front door with minutes to spare

Me: "Ok, hop out and go change while I park."

Em: "Ok Mom. Hey, where are my skates?".... ........ ..

Yeah, that's what I said too! LOL !

Back later with some great cards to show you!


  1.'ve NEVER done that...never! lol! I can totally relate!

  2. This doesn't stop when your children are grown and out of the house. We have 7 grandchildren. Five of them live within 3 miles of who do they call when mom and dad work 30 minutes from home? Yes, you got it...Grammy!
    The granddaughters go to 4 different schools in the same school system,,sometimes I just get home from taking something to one and another one calls! lol Brace yourself, it doesn't get any eaiser, but I love being a Grammy!

  3. Too funny...
    did you roll your eyes....or did Emma?

  4. So funny!! I have done that several times and the kids never let me forget!!

  5. Yep, I've done my version of that plenty!

    Hey, thanks for your work with SU on the Color Renovation.


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