Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful RAK from Kerin

Welcome to Monday Stampers!
Have you looked ahead and figured out yet what kind of week you are going to have?!
We have lots of activity going on here this week, but so much to look forward to! I'll be doing design work this week for the rest of my Holiday Classes - be watching my Events calendar, you won't want to miss those...
But Thursday is my fun Stampin' Fools group, Saturday is our family tradition apple picking, pie making day and Sunday is Trunk or Treat at our church! Yes, busy - but oh so fun when it's spent with family and friends. I LOVE my life and feel so very blessed!

Here's yet another blessing - a beautiful card from my very talented friend Kerin Sylvester.

Kerin sent me this a while back and I have it proudly displayed in my stamp room. You know the best part of this card? She didn't have any specific reason to send it - she just did! And let me tell you, the day it arrived - I needed a blessing! Don't you just love going to the mailbox and finding happy mail that's just for you? Yep, me too! So I'm going to challenge you this week. Why don't we all step up and mail out one card each day this week, beginning today, to random friends just to tell them we are thinking of them and to bless their day.
We all need a little encouragement from time to time and I know that a handstamped card is a surefire way to spread some around.

Have a wonderful Monday stamping friends - I can't wait to hear about your card sending mission - I'll report back to you on Monday right here about mine this week, ok?

Stamped blessings everyone,

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  1. Please tell us what your Trunk or Treat is you do at your church. It sounds interesting.


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