Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Letterpress Questions

Well, I just posted my Letterpress card this morning and I've gotten a lot of questions about using those plates. While I'm not an expert, I'll just tell you what I've discovered, ok?

For my Big Shot the sandwich is: platform open to Tab 1, Letterpress plate, cardstock, cutting pad. Yes, only one cutting pad.

I had best results with Versamark ink or no ink at all. The Versamark looks very rich and deep on the darker colors of cardstock. When I used no ink, I sponged over it with the same color afterwards to bring out the impressions a bit more.

I also experienced the back side of the pressed cardstock being roughed up a bit. Don't know if it's my machine and cutting pad or just a by-product of using this type of plate.

When I inked the plate with Craft ink, I had nice results, but personally found the clean-up to be messy. The best way I found to clean my plate was simple dish soap and water. I've not tried it in the dishwasher yet.

Hopefully this has helped answer your questions. I have another card using the Letterpress plate that will post on Friday, so stay tuned for more samples!

Happy Stampin'!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Haven't tried it but when my plates arrive, I'm inkin!

  2. OMGosh Robin a team mate and I were using the letterpress on Monday and I wish we had your instructions THEN! We discovered the same as you and even sprayed with alcohol (like on the texture plates) to bring out the lettering more. In our case we had to use a shim also. Guess it depends on your machine as well. We didn't like the inked plate and won't use it in a class for sure. But we did love other results. Will try the versamark next. Whew!

  3. Thanks Robin for taking the time to explain how you used those plates. I have two of them and haven't taken them out of their packages, I think I'll give it a go today and see what works for me. Your advice will help so much and be a real time saver! You are awesome.

  4. Thanks for answering so fast! I will try it again and I'm glad to know it isn't just me that had trouble with ink. :)


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