Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Quiet Thanksgiving

Hello again!
Just a little catch up post this morning. I have some fun creative stuff to share too, just gotta get it uploaded!

I know it's been a week since I posted, and I probably should have told you guys that I was taking a Thanksgiving blogging break - sorry if you were wondering where I'd disappeared to!
We had a very relaxed, low key Thanksgiving this year.
Mom came up to stay for a few days and we just hung out mostly. Watched the parade on tv, ate a simple, but very yummy dinner thanks to my super chef hubby; did a little online shopping and just sat and snoozed.
No Black Friday craziness this year for us, even though it had been our plan - and truth be told, I didn't miss the crowds this year. It was nice to just sit and decompress a bit.

My Dad's absence was definitely felt - I wasn't sure what to expect really, but it was weird not having him here. Especially when it was time for football. And dinner. His two favorite things about Thanksgiving!
So yes, I was sad, and I miss him, but I still wouldn't bring him back for anything. Not to face the pain of this life again. He's healed and happy and whole in Heaven and that gives me peace.

Here's a few photos of our day:

Me and Mark at the dinner table. Yeah, it was a no make-up kind of day too.

Emma and my Mom at the table. No fancy dishes again this year, but you don't need them to make the food taste good! I love seeing Mark in the mirror on the wall - cool picture!

Mark and I took the dogs for a long afternoon walk and this was one of the sights we saw in our neighbors yard. He'd been very busy that day - the day before there was a giant inflatable turkey there, by the time we walked by, he had 2 inflatables on the roof and 4 in his yard - including this one. Santa's gonna get awfully chilly by the time Christmas rolls around. Just sayin'.

Like I said earlier, we did a lot of snoozin':

Susie really enjoys "her" spot on the couch.
Buster was enjoying the warm, sunny spot by the fireplace.
Wish I could do that all day sometimes........

So, there you go - our quiet Thanksgiving.
Hope yours was a special one too!


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