Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Because You Asked......

Warning - this post contains NO stamping.
Unless you take into account that what I'm showing you today will have a special place in my Studio re-design plan. HeeHee!

When we were in Hershey, PA last month for Emma's skating competition, we had a little down time so Mark and I decided to check out a few of the local antique places. I'm in the process of re-decorating my studio into a vintage 50's kitchen theme, so I'm always looking for small pieces that can act as storage and decor.

A few of you asked to see some of the treasures I found, so here's a couple pics:

I found a BUNCH of old wooden bobbins that I'm going to use to wrap ribbon around. Not only will that make a beautiful display, but it will keep it front and center so I'll use it more!
You can see 5 new vintage flower frogs in the photo. I love them for card stands in the studio and for taking photos of cards for my blog. I found some oval shaped ones and even a little bitty one. One of the ovals is copper and even has a green oxidized place on it - love that!
The old Ecko muffin tin will be used to hold small embellishments out on my counter. I got this idea from my friend Kimberly VanDiepen who loves vintage as much as I do.

The second photo shows some vintage Pyrex and Fire King refrigerator boxes. The colors are perfect for my design scheme and I'm going to store embellishments in them as well. The vintage Ball Mason Jar has an original zinc lid with a white milk glass interior - so cool! Great for buttons, don't you think??
There's also a little peek at something else VERY fun that I picked up. And I'll show you exactly what it is hopefully by the end of the month! I'm chomping at the bit to be able to share some exciting news with you, but there's just a few more things that need to add up.........

On another note, our Valentine's Day was quiet - we took my Mom out to eat at Famous Dave's BBQ and had a delicious meal. But after watching the show Heat Seekers on Food Network last night, Emma thought she'd challenge her Dad to a Hot Sauce Contest before dinner. She prides herself on her ability to "take the heat" and her favorite food group is hot wings!

Here's the video - I let her off the hook (actually both of them) after the video stopped they both drank some milk to put out the fire!

Have a spectacular day! I'm off to Weight Watchers to weigh in and see how bad the damage is today!

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