Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Bright Spot

Yes, I know it's been 8 days since I've posted anything.
AND I've only posted a few times this month.

Yep. I'm a bad blogger.

But a really good Mom, Wife, Friend, Upline, Demonstrator and skating Team Publicist.

At least my daughter thinks so - and really, isn't that what's most important?
Look at the notes she left me on the chalkboard in my studio:

I guess I'm gonna have to hang up a blank one to use because I don't know if I can ever erase this one.

Her love makes everything in this crazy month and every other day all worthwhile.

We're headed out on our family vacation tomorrow, so I'll be off the grid work-wise until the 9th of July. But, I've spent the past two hours uploading photos of most of the artwork I've done this month that you've missed and I'm going to be pre-loading my blog with creative posts for you.
Not much dialogue, but I know if you have questions, you'll ask.
And I'll answer.....after July 9th.

Love you guys! Thanks for hanging in there with me this month!
See you in July!


  1. Isn't it just the best when they actually notice! Sometimes you think they all take you for granted and then something like this happens! Enjoy Robin! Xx

  2. what a nice post to start a family vacation\,.,.have a great time & relax yourself! I'll be checking on you in July

  3. enjoy your family vacation. looking forward to seeing vacation pictures when you get back. i love maine and from the picture you sent out before it looks like a gorgeous place to stay. Lisa W


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