Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Digital Studio Hero

Sometimes I have the opportunity as a Mom to do something really cool.
Like today.

Emma has a friend whose birthday is coming up on Sunday so she put together a special skating program to the song Radioactive by one of their favorite groups, Imagine Dragons.
We were able to snag some free, open ice time to film it and she put it on a DVD as his gift.
So of course, she needed a cool, personalized cover for the DVD case.

Yep, you guessed it, Mom to the rescue!

Here's the cover I created:

I was able to create a custom size canvas for my project and made it 5" x 7".
The background is a square punch that I stretched and filled with designer paper.

Next, I added photo blocks from the Downtown Grunge Kit, filled them with photo blocks and added my photos.
I then added images to the background from the Extreme Elements stamp brush set. They were re-colored, enlarged and lightened so the text would show up well.

For my text, I simply added two text blocks, filled them with my text and changed the font to one that I'd downloaded free from a Pinterest pin.
The whole thing took me about an hour, including choosing and editing the photos.
I'm no computer genius, not by a long shot, but this was a cinch to do and the best part was that Emma loved it!
Yay! Today, I'm the hero!

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Have a great Saturday!

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