Friday, February 28, 2014

Finding Your Favorites on Facebook - An Easy Tutorial

Hey there creative friends,

This post isn't really about stamping or crafting.
BUT, it is about being CREATIVE.
As in, finding a CREATIVE way to work around all the crazy Facebook settings and get the things YOU really WANT in your NEWS FEED.

If you are like me, there are lots of Pages and Interests that you've "Liked" on Facebook.
Because you want to SEE what those companies or services or products are doing.
You want to SEE what they have to offer you.
Well, because Facebook has a crazy way of editing exactly what we see when we are on our home page there, you have to work around it to be able to see EVERYTHING from a particular business or Facebook Page.

Since I'm the owner and administrator of several Facebook Pages, this is particularly important to me. When I post something or write something or create something especially to share on those pages - I want YOU to see it.
And I'm guessing since you've "Liked" my pages, you want to SEE it too.

Last week, I stumbled upon a way to ensure that all the pages I want to see actually show up in my News Feed and since it worked so well for me (for now), I did a step-by-step photo tutorial to show you how to do it too.

So, to follow along, open up your Facebook page in another window. Go ahead, I'll wait here.

Ok, good, you're back.
Let's start with Step 1:

The photo above is the left side column of my News Feed page. Yours should look pretty much the same.
See the Red Arrows?
They are pointing to the "Interests" tab.
Go ahead and click on "Add Interests".

Step 2:
The next photo is the top of my Facebook page, opened up to the ADD INTERESTS page.
Yours should look similar.
The Red Arrow on the right is pointing to a box that says "Create List".
Go ahead and click on that box.

Step 3:
So far so good.
Your page should now have a box that popped up that looks something like this photo:

It says "Create New List" at the top left.
See the Red Arrow?
It's pointing to the word "Pages" which is highlighted in blue.
This indicates that all the little square boxes with pictures in them that you see here are actual Pages I've "Liked". These are for businesses, services, movies, tv shows, travel, you name it, that I've personally "Liked" on Facebook and wish to follow.
Yours should look similar.

Step 4:
Now, it's recommended that you create lists that contain similar likes. Such as a list for all the Stores you like.
Or a list for all the Stamping pages you like (Trinity Design Studio should be one of them, just sayin'.)
Or maybe a list of all the Food related pages you've liked.
Get the idea?
So, lets start for you with something easy. Lets make a list for Stores you like.

Using your cursor, click on each icon (picture in a box) for Stores that you've liked on Facebook. 

Looking at my photo, there are two that jump out immediately - Barnes and Noble and Bath and Body Works.
(All of your Pages Likes will show up here in alphabetical order.)

Once you click on an icon, it will have a blue box show up around it with a check mark in the bottom right corner. That's how you know you've selected it. You can unselect it too if you mess up.
You can also go back at anytime and add or remove Pages from your list.

For now, just click on a few Stores and then scroll all the way to the bottom to the "NEXT" button in the blue box. I've highlighted it with a Red Arrow for you.

Step 5:
The next box that pops up will allow you to name your list.
Again, I've used a Red Arrow to highlight it.
My example in the photo is my List for different People Pages I follow, so I named it "Interesting People". (not very original, I know, but at least I know what it is...)

Also, you can choose who the list is visible to.
I've used another Red Arrow to highlight it.

Once you've done these two things, click on the "DONE" in the blue box at the bottom right.

Step 6: 
Once you've clicked "Done" and created your list, this is the next screen that will appear:

It's the actual "List" page where all your "Likes" that you've grouped here will appear.
Want to know the BEST part??
You will see EVERY post, from ALL of these pages in REAL time.
Yep! I've tested it with mine and it's fantabulous!
No more missed posts!!

Check out the Red Arrow that's pointing to all the photo icons.
That is where you can see all the Pages you've added to that particular list.

Check out the Red Arrow pointing to "Manage List".
That's where you can add or remove Page Likes and do other editing to your list.

Step 7:
Once you've created your "List", it will appear by name on the Left side of your Facebook News Feed Page under "Interests"

You can choose to leave it here and just click on it when you want to view the updates (indicated by a number beside the name).
you can move it up to your Favorites section.
I've chosen to do that.

Step 8:
To Add your Interest Pages to your Favorites, simply click on the little pencil that appears when you hover your cursor to the left of the List Name. I've indicated this with another Red Arrow.
Next, click on "Add to Favorites" that appears in the blue box.

Once you've done that, your List will appear at the bottom of your Favorites in the Left side of your News Feed. I've added Red Arrows to show you what to look for.

I hope this photo tutorial was helpful to you.
As a disclaimer, I am in NO WAY, a Facebook expert or computer expert. I just was able to figure this out and it helped me tremendously in keeping up with things I WANT to see on Facebook, so I thought it would help you too. :)

If you found it helpful, please feel free to share this post. You can add it to Pinterest using the "Pin It" button I've added under the second photo, or just share the link to this post.

And if you haven't "Liked" either of my Facebook Pages yet, here are the links so you can!
Once you do, you can add them to your new Interest Lists and never miss a post. :)

Trinity Design Studios - Paper Crafting and Fun

A Courageous Heart

Have a great day and thanks for visiting,


  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial! My main problem with Facebook is not having control over what appears in my newsfeed. I have followed your directions and made my first list...Stamping Stuff. You're in it, if course. Thanks again.

    1. You are SO welcome Faye! I'm really glad it helped and I'm extra glad that I'm on your "List"! Happy stamping!

  2. Robin, thanks SO MUCH. Mary passed this along to us and I am thankful that there is a way without having to search for it myself on how to control my own newsfeed. Thanks for your time in creating this very informative tutorial and being so generous in your sharing of it.
    You're awesome!
    take care,

  3. This is awesome! Thank you for showing us EXACTLY how to do this! I have shared this on my fb page and have also "liked" your "A Courageous Heart" page. :-)

  4. This was incredibly helpful and I didn't know a thing about this; so thank you!!!! Alot of time and trouble in putting that whole tutorial together!


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