Friday, March 7, 2014

Back to Where it All Started

Has it really been 6 years?
6 years ago today, I wrote the first post on this blog and shared this scrapbook page:
Click the photo for a link to the first blog post!

There are a few of you who have been here with me since the very beginning - it's been quite the journey hasn't it?
All of the rest of you awesome blog friends have found me somewhere along the way and I'm grateful for EACH one of you.

I love being able to share here with you - life and creativity and fun. You've watched me grow as an artist and watched my daughter grow up. You've walked with me through the ups and downs of life. You've prayed me through the illnesses and deaths of both my parents and you've celebrated with me when I achieved unbelievable honors from SU!.

And you've loved my artwork - which makes my heart happy. Our creations aren't really for us when we make them, they are for others who will receive joy and delight when we share them.

So, what do you say?
6 more years? At least?
I think so - after all, we have a lot of life to travel together and a lot of creativity to explore!

Now, go stamp something fun!

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  1. I remember making that page at a class! I can't believe that six years has gone by...thanks for continuing to do what you do so well. Kimla


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