Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's SO-da much fun!

This post was edited at the bottom on 2/27 to answer a couple of questions about this project!

Here I go again with the Soda Can Big Shot projects! I can't help myself - it's so cool that the Big Shot will cut through those aluminum cans (and a lot more too!)

I've actually had this idea in my head for awhile but haven't had time to really "crank" it out. Get it........"crank" you "crank" the handle on the Big Shot to get it to roll thru. Yep, I've lost it, no question there! Too much soda! LOL!

So, here's the deal. I sent Shannon West, my friend and also super stamp artist at SU! the Diet Coke star for her Christmas tree after seeing her Diet Coke ornaments on the tree at the November Regional Seminar. Well, her buddy Jaron Winder, another super stamp artist at SU! saw the star and was inspired to create a bracelet with soda can hearts on it for the Orlando Regional. I guess he saw the "light" from the star! Oh, I crack myself up. Yes, .....I know.....only myself, but it's a life.
Anyway, when I came back from Orlando, I had a ton of pictures from the conference that I wanted to showcase in an album and since Jaron had shown off my star, I thought that a Top Note Soda Can Album would be a great way to remember my like, 5 seconds of fame.

To create this baby, I simply cut apart (ok, my hubby cut them apart for me) several different soda cans with my Craft and Rubber Scissors. I have to thank my stamp campers for supplying me with the raw materials. They drink a LOT of soda!

The cover was die cut out of a gold Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi can and the back cover was cut from a Safeway Fruit Seltzer can. After "cranking" them out I put the cover piece back through my Big Shot and used the new Texturz large polka dot plate to give it the fun dimension.

The flowers and leaves were made with the Birds and Blooms Sizzlits, the Daisy Flower Sizzlits and the Simple Flower Embosslit. These were cut using a Sierra Mist can (green) a regular Pepsi can (blue/red) and the rest of the Caffiene free Diet Pepsi can (gold).
Once all the flowers were cut out, I placed them on the cover with Mini Glue Dots. I did use the center rhinestone from a Blue Rhinestone Circle Ice Brad for the center of the Daisy Flower.

All my inside pages were cut using regular Stampin' Up! cardstock. Brilliant Blue, Real Red, Green Galore and Tempting Turquoise. Once I had all my pages and the cover, I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch the holes in the left side. I did punch through the cover pieces first and then through the cardstock pages.

Silver book rings from Staples were added and for a little extra "hardware" I used three of the Filigree Designer Brads (just the flower parts) around the book rings.

This turned out so super cute and I'm thrilled with the results! You'll have to tell me what you think! And hey, if you own a Big Shot, YOU can make this project too! It was sooooo easy, you just have to drink a lot of soda or rummage in a recycling bin somewhere. But hey, if you are dressed nicely, you can just say you are looking for the diamond bracelet you lost. Yeah, they'll believe that! :)

Be sure to check back tomorrow and Friday for some more unique 3-D projects. I'm dying to show you, but I know you can handle only so much WOW at a time.

Love you guys!

The edges are not particularly sharp, the die kind of curls the edges of the can so it dulls it somewhat when it cuts through. The flowers and leaves are kind of pointy, but even with all the handling of it I had to do, I never cut myself, even paper cut style. Some one else asked me if the covers are just the metal cans and the answer is yes, I didn't mount them on chipboard or anything else. The aluminum is flimsy, however, when you use the silver inside for the outside of the project, you have to roll it up on itself to get it to straighten out so it makes the cover a lot sturdier than you would think. Hope that helps!


  1. Hi Robin. It's Shannon & Jaron here....we just viewed your fab project together and ARE TOTALLY WOWED!!!! oh how i love the embosslit w/the pepsi can (not the pepsi part but the part where it looks like an awesome rainbow). NICE WORK!!!! :)

  2. Oh MY - this is just way awesome! I love it Robin! I may have to take a break from recycling and cut some of those cans open too *grin* I am just wondering if the edges are very sharp or OK to handle?

  3. This is soooo cool!!! I am going to have to try club ladies will LOVE it!! Off to drink up some pepsi!!! Thanks!

  4. LOVE IT!!! Off to drink some pepsi!! Thanks for the cool idea. My club ladies will want to make these.

  5. Oh man, Robin you are killing me!!! This project is so flipping adorable, and it hurts b/c I WANT A BIG SHOT!!! Boo hoo!!!

  6. This is just too stinkin' cute!!! I can sooooo see you on stage at this coming convention presenting this!!! You go girl!

  7. Wow, Robin, you are SOO creative!! This is terriffic!!TFS!

  8. As soon as I find that diamond bracelet, I'm totally making this! Please let us know if it has sharp edges!

  9. I am curious - is the tin strong enough to be the front cover, or did you put some chipboard or other type of stiff cardboard to keep it straight? Sue


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