Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stamper's Showcase Again!

Ya know, I don't play the lottery, but if I did, THIS would be the day to buy a ticket! LOL!

Amazing - for two days in a row, I have a card on Stamper's Showcase! Thanks so much Stampin' Up! for liking my work - I'm so happy you do!

You guys saw this one last week before I sent it out for my swap, so I'll spare you the details this time. Just had to share my good news!

I'll have another post for you in a little bit. I discovered that I never shared my triple clipboard calendar project with you, so you get to see the pics of that today!

Happy Thursday!



  1. Congrats Robin! YOU ROCK!!!! That is great!

  2. LOVE IT!! I can't wait to use mine. :) congrats on making Stampers Showcase.

  3. Congrats girlie! Saw that today and thought, "wow, 2 days in a row...she's on a roll!" You ROCK!


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