Thursday, July 23, 2009

Robin's Retired Stamp Set Sale!

Hey stampers!

I've finally photographed most of my retired stamp sets that are for sale - I say most because after I'd uploaded all the photos and labeled them, I found yet ANOTHER big bin of retired sets in my storage room. SO, those will be posted in the next week or so. I have also not listed any of my wheels or punches so they will be in the next batch as well.

In the meantime, click this link here to view the photos, names and prices of all the sets I have available. Or, you can use the link in my sidebar to get to the album as well.

Contact me with any questions - I'm happy to ship via Priority Mail and you can use PayPal to send your payment!

Thanks so much!


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  1. Robin I would like to purchase the Always time for you set at $10 and if you are selling a key tag punch please let me know because I am looking for one of those. Thank you


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