Thursday, July 9, 2009

In With the New.......Out With the Old!

Just LOOK! Isn't that COOL?! A whole PILE of new Stampin' Stuff! And it's just for me! Yippee!

Well, ok, I guess I'll let you play with it some at class.......if you must. Hmmph!

Oh, how I love new Stampin' toys! The UPS man is my bestest buddy on delivery days like this one where it's all for me!

But, look here. This is what I have to decide what to do with. All those lovely stamps and wheels and punches. I didn't take a picture of the paper and ribbon, it's just too sad. Sniff!

What's a girl to do? There is only so much shelf space in the abyss of my closet, so something has to go. Don't worry, I'll make sure it finds a good home with a loving, stamp happy owner. Someone like me. Well, maybe not
me, but maybe someone like you?

Have a great evening, folks. Go hug some stamps and ink up your loved ones or something like that. Come back tomorrow for my Blogger's Challenge Creation......I used new STUFF!

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