Monday, August 2, 2010

Convention Fun - Part 1!

Hello everyone! Are you having a good Monday evening? I was delighted to discover when I synched up my iPhone to my computer tonight that it automatically downloaded my photos while it charged - isn't that cool?!~ I am so not computer savvy so really folks, the little things excite me, ok? :)

Because I was able to transfer these photos easily, I'm able to show you a few tonight, just as I'd planned earlier before I got sidetracked - I know, hard to believe, but just tell me it doesn't happen to you!

Here is my downline and great friend Nancy with me at Dulles Airport waiting for our flight to head to Salt Lake City. We are very excited!

Nancy has a good friend that lives in the Salt Lake area, so she went to spend time with her on Tuesday evening. That left me to hang out with two of my bff's that I don't get to see nearly often enough, Tiffany Bauer and Tara Bazata. We had a wonderful mexican dinner at ZTejas at the Gateway.........

followed by a wonderfully relaxing pedicure. I could so get used to that life!

After getting our beauty sleep, we headed over to the convention center on Wednesday morning where we were able to shop at Memento Mall early as VIP's because we had recruited a new demonstrator in July - that was fun!
We took a little break from shopping to head over to the Info and Awards booth where we met up with our SAM, Sam (yes, her name is really Sam!). She is next to me in the photo below and on the opposite end is our friend, Canadian demonstrator extraordinare, Kari Metzger.
Both Kari and Tiffany were thrilled to find out they had earned the prestigious Founder's Circle once again! We were so excited for them! It's an amazing accomplishment!

After all that fun stuff, we headed back over to Memento Mall to complete our purchases and when we finished up, stepped outside to assess the damage to our wallets! While we were collecting ourselves, we got a fellow demonstrator to take a fun photo of the three of us - it is Absolutely my FAVE picture from convention this year!

As you can see, all that shopping and dodging the paparazzi was a bit too much for me and Tara. We decided to take a little snooze while we dreamed of stamping to come......

For lunch that day, Tara and I met up with the other Advisory Board girls - good friends, all, at the Macaroni Grill. Sadly, Ann Clemmer couldn't join us but we had a marvelous time! What could be better, good food and great friends!
LOVE these gals!
(L to R row 1 - Kim Peck, Tara, Kimberly VanDiepen, Christy Harsch. L to R row 2 - Me, Jan McClurg, Martha Armstrong)

Wednesday evening brought even more excitement with the Flower Power party!
Here Tiffany and I are pictured with the rest of the Creative Booth presenters. These are such talented ladies and I LOVED seeing all their projects! Super Wow!

I have more photos of my presentation to share later this week, but this last photo just cracked me up! Tiffany and I LOVED seeing our names on these signs and HAD to pose with them! We were allowed to bring them home with us, which was kind of tricky getting them in the suitcases, but we cut them in half and will be decorating them to hang up in our stamping spaces. How fun is that?!

As you can see, we really have such a great time at Stampin' Up! events! I can't wait to show you more in the coming days so stay tuned!

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