Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cupcake Basket Tutorial

Happy Saturday stampers!

Remember the Cupcake Basket post from last Friday? You really liked this cute little cupcake a lot and I promised a photo tutorial for you! Thanks to my awesome husband, I got that done this week and here it is!

Here's a photo of what your cupcake could look like when it's all finished:
For the tutorial, I didn't decorate the finished basket - let your imagination guide you! Here are the step by step instructions to make this little cutie!

Supplies: One sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock, Petal Cone Die, Big Shot, Paper Cutter with scoring blade, Tombow Multi-Adhesive, 1 3/8" Square Punch, Paper Snips, 1/8" Handheld Hole Punch, two Brads

Step 1: Cut the cardstock half (5 1/2" x 8 1/2"). Then cut two petal cones with the Petal Cone Die and the Big Shot. You will use both Petal Cone pieces and both Banner pieces. The scalloped half-circles can be discarded or used for another project.

Step 2: Use the negative cardstock piece for one of the cut outs and punch one square piece with your 1 3/8" Square Punch. This will be the solid box base.

Step 3: Fold each petal cone piece in half down the center score line.

Step 4: (I've marked the needed score line with my pen in the photo - you don't need to do this at home.)
Take the folded petal cone piece and lay the top score line (marked here) on the 3" measure line on your paper cutter. Cut off the bottom of the petal cone. Repeat on the second piece.

Step 5: Lay the same score line on the 2" measure line of your paper cutter and Score there. Flip the piece over and score again in the same place. Repeat on the second piece.

Step 6: Using your Paper Snips, cut up the center score line on both pieces to the 2" score line you just created. This will create two flaps on each petal cone piece.

Step 7: Using your Paper Snips, trim off the scored corner piece and discard. Repeat on the second petal cone piece.
You will have two pieces that look like this:

Step 8: Put a THIN line of Tombow Multi-Adhesive on the side flap of one petal cone piece. Remember, a little is a lot when using Tombow!

Adhere the pieces together. Your project will look like this from the front:

Like this on the inside:
Step 9: Fold over and add Tombow to the other side flap.

Adhere the sides together.

Your project will now look like this:

Step 10: Using your Paper Snips, trim off two opposite sides of the cone top.

This is what it looks like after you have trimmed both sides:

Susie is getting bored right now - she is ready to be finished. I hope you're hanging in there! We're almost done!

Step 11: Fold in all four of the bottom flaps, putting a THIN line of Tombow on the final one as shown.

Hold in place to set the adhesive.

Step 12: Add Tombow to the square punched piece:

Adhere it to the bottom of the cupcake to create a smooth bottom.

Step 13: Adhere the two Banner pieces together with Tombow.

Step 14: Punch a hole in each end of the banner - which will be your basket handle - with the 1/8" Handheld Hole Punch.

Step 15: Using the same punch, punch holes in both sides of the cupcake that you trimmed the top off of.

Step 16: Attach the basket handle with your choice of brads.

And lookie there! You have a Cupcake basket!

Well, almost, you need to decorate yours!

I hope you've found this tutorial helpful! I'd love to see your cupcake creations! If you decide to make one or more, be sure to leave me a comment and link to your project! I'll bet you come up with some super cute cupcakes!

And if you need any or ALL of the supplies to create this fun project, you can visit my Stampin' Up! 24 hour store online HERE. Everything is available there and will ship directly to your door! Just click the SHOP NOW button at the top right to get started shopping. Now that's a great cupcake delivery!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Stamped blessings,



  1. thank you for sharing your creative genius with us!

  2. Thanks for sharing your creative genius with us!

  3. I love this little cupcake and have my very own one made by you!! How sweet are you??!! And of course I will feature this on My Crafty Picks #20 with a link back to your blog on 6-12-11. I just love your stuff and could feature you every week but I have to give others a chance!!! wink!!!

    Love ya!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I will give this a try.

  5. WOW -- Thanks so much for posting this tutorial. I plan to make some of these this week for my customers coming to my Bon Voyage party celebrating SU's retiring stamps. I will send you some photos when they are done.

  6. Wao!! Thanks for such wonderful tutorial and for taking the time. I can wait to get my petal cone die and try this. Great!
    Jessica Urrutia from SC

  7. Thanks so much for a great tutorial. I've often wondered how boxes were made with the Petal Cone die. Thanks to you, now I know. Can't wait to try it. Alison


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