Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunch on the Deck

This post is SO non-stamping related, but I just had to share.
I've been stamping in the studio all morning and it's been HARD! Because it is an absolutely picture perfect day here today.

Clear blue skies, light breeze, temps around 78 - 80 degrees - just GORGEOUS!
Here, take a look at the view from my back deck:

Beautiful, beautiful day - definitely not one to be stuck inside, even if I WAS stamping!
So, I decided to take my lunch out on the deck today and do a little study in the process.

Lookie -
Ok, so the picture may not LOOK like much, but let me assure you that it TASTES amazing! We went to my Mom's on Sunday for dinner and she made a big batch of homemade Chicken and Dumplings. Oh Yeah! And yours truly got to bring some home to eat this week. Can you say Yumm-O?! See that beautiful FLAT dumpling right there in the center of the bowl? Yep, that one. Well, we have a little family argument between my hubby and I about which type of dumplings are the best. HE says that his Granny's round, biscuit dumplings were the best. In fact, he claims that they are the only TRUE dumpling. Hmmph!

The recipe for this bowl of awesomeness has been in my family since my Great-Grandmother made it up, and lemme tell ya - those FLAT, dough dumplings are the BEST!
I guess since you can't taste it, you'll just have to trust me on that one. Maybe I can get Mom to send me the recipe and I'll post it here. How's that sound? Of course, you are not allowed to make it if you are part of the Round dumpling crowd. That would be just wrong!

Don't you agree Susie?
She looks like she's saying "Really Mom, you've never let me HAVE dumplings, so how can I judge? Got a cookie?"

Here's another view of my awesome lunch view, looking over towards my neighbors yard.
I love that our trees give us some privacy in our neighborhood since the houses are pretty close together.

Buster Brown just loves to sit and sun himself on days like this. I always have a hard time getting him back inside. Hmm, just like his Momma.

So that's it, nothing earth shattering. I just thought I'd share a glimpse of my day and the pretty day we're having. Guess it's back to the studio for me now! More stamping to do!


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  1. The card redo is fantastic. I often do the same thing. Ideas come in many forms.

    My mother used to make the flat dumplings and I go to Cracker Barrel every now and then to get my fix.

    Your yard is beautiful and so peaceful. No wonder it is hard to focus in your studio. Thanks!


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