Sunday, August 7, 2011

Something Fun!

Hey stampin' friends - lookie what I got:

How cool is that?

My BFF Tiffany Bauer does a weekly feature of projects from all over the blogging world and compiles them in one post on Sundays. She's actually featured me several times in the past, but silly me never realized that I was supposed to put this cute little badge on my blog! Oh well, better late to the party than never! LOL!

Wondering which card she featured?

It's my shabby chic card from Tuesday's post. Just click on the card photo and you can read about it in case you missed it.

If you have time today, you should totally check out Tiffany's blog - the link is on my right sidebar in my Blogs I Love to Visit section. Not only are there some great projects in today's post, but Tiffany is a fabulous stamper who will totally inspire you!

Now, I'm off to tend to my sick girl. We had a fun family day yesterday celebrating Mark's birthday, but something didn't agree with her and she was up most of the night. Hmmm....we were up most of the night! Say a little prayer for her will ya? Thanks!

Stamped blessings,


  1. First, you totally ROCK for the huge shout out!!! Thanks so much!! I love doing these Crafty Picks each week, there is so much inspiration out there in the Crafty World!!

    Second, I just had the blog badge designed so you did not miss anything. I thought it would be a nice thing to do for those that I feature and a great way to get the word out that I do this service for everyone on Sundays!! Thanks for posting about it and you also need to add it to your sidebar using the html code I have on my blog so everyone will see it all the time!!:)

    Third, I hope Emma gets better really fast!! Maybe it is just a tummy ache from all the sweets she ate yesterday for Mark's birthday!! Tell Mark again Happy Birthday, I posted on Facebook but just want to make sure he got it!!!

    Love ya!!

  2. Ah what a cute blog badge, I did not know that either... I am going to add it to my blog too. I am so glad I seen your post. Your card is really beautiful BTW I see why she has Featured your cards. She featured my black and white buggy card on 7-24.



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