Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An Exciting Day!

First - here's a quiz:

What do all of these things have in common???
Fiji Water

Old Spice Fiji

A Vintage Fiji Travel Pennant I found in an antique store

A photo of a beautiful Fiji beach
The Stampin' Up! Fiji Incentive Trip Logo

Any guesses??

Well, if you guessed FIJI - you would be right! AND.......

If you guessed that I have earned the Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip to FIJI - you would also be right!!

Yes, it's true, at 9:47 pm on March 5th, I entered the client order that put me over the top for this AMAZING trip! I was a little stunned at first that it had happened, and waited until yesterday morning to see it appear on my morning stats report.
But, when I read the words "Congratulations! You have earned the Grand Vacation", I was doing the Fiji happy dance! It's much like the stampers happy dance, but with a little more stomping. Sorry, no video! Ha!

I just have to say that I am humbled and blessed to have been given this gift. It's all because of my amazing downline team and my fantastic, loyal clients - without them, I'd still be dreaming of crossing this off my bucket list.
We serve an awesome God, don't we?? He loves to give us good gifts and to see us smile and I give Him all the glory!

Have a wonderful day friends - thanks for letting me celebrate a bit with you!


  1. WAHOO!! I'm doing the happy dance for you! Congrats, you earned it.

  2. Good for you - that is so amazing!! Even though I don't personally know you, I know you through your blog - regional events & convention & a few emails here & I feel like I know someone going to Fiji!! I hope you have the time of your life - you deserve it!!

  3. WOW...not surprised & you're the 1st. that has posted this HOT info..way to go, G.F....

  4. WOW! Awesome news, you deserve it!
    Lisa W

  5. That's so exciting Robin...I'm dancing with Valerie. You sure deserve it!!!

  6. WOOHOO, Congratulations, I am happy to hear that you earned it and I'm hoping to be joining you there as well. I am still on pace but I probably wont know for sure until JUNE. But we do have until then to earn it so I am working working working on making it. My sales are way better than last year so with a little luck and help from both wonderful customers and awesome downline, I TOO am hoping to cross this bridge too. Hugs.

  7. Congratulations, Robin! I know by experience that it takes a lot of hard work and although we have never met I just wanted to pat you on the back! Also...I agree...God is so good and He does provide in miraculous ways. Smiles ~ Alisha Linn

  8. Finally getting back online, saw your awesome news...congratulations! :)

  9. Just getting back online and in catching up, saw your news...congratulations! So exciting! :)


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