Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Share

Hello stamping friends,
this morning I was listening to some worship music on my iPod and one of my very favorite songs came up and I was inspired to create this page in My Digital Studio. It's a pre-designed 8" x 8" layout that I just changed up for my idea.
The song is "Face Down" by Casting Crowns.

The photo is one that I took of the Tracy Arm Fjord glacier on our trip to Alaska last year. I remember being so overwhelmed by the quiet majesty of those mountains, the glacier and the floating ice. It was so ethereal, like being in another world altogether.

My quote of the song lyrics begins with the second verse that says "I stand amazed, see the work of your hands" and it just so fit how I felt in this beautiful place that was carved out by the finger of our almighty God.

Here are the complete lyrics in a video format with this beautiful song playing for you:

The words of this song speak directly to my heart as I consider all that my Savior has done for me - and all that he has done for you. I pray that they speak to you as well.
My very favorite lines are:
"Face down
Where I know that I belong
And I pray with grace that this world sees in me
Someone humbled and broken at Your feet."

All that I have in life and all that I hope to be is wrapped up in Christ alone. I am nothing without Him and I pray with all my heart that when the world looks at me, they see Jesus and His love for all. As the song reminds us "After all, this life's for YOU(Jesus) and not for me."
I know that God has a purpose and a plan for my life, and He has one for yours as well. This time here on earth is just a pass through, we are just traveling here - our real home is Heaven - but while we are here, we are called to affect as many lives as we can for Christ and I don't take that assignment lightly.

So friend, if no one else has told you today - Jesus loves you. He loves you very much, and so do I.


  1. What glory to God. The lyrics, your heart, and your recognition of Him in the scenery He created for us to live in! TFS, Celia

  2. Blessings, to you, as well, on this beautiful sunny Monday!

  3. Thank you for sharing...the music, photo and your words were a blessing!

  4. Beautiful and Amen!

  5. Great song. I love that woman's voice. And what a perfect verse to put on your beautiful scrapbook page!


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