Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's Not All About Stamping...

Hey there crafty peeps! 
Usually you're stopping by here for a creative idea or some crafty inspiration and you KNOW I'm all over that! 

But like most of the rest of you - life in the Merriman household doesn't always revolve around stamping and creating. 
I know - say it isn't SO! 
Sometimes, it's all about this: 

And this:

And this: 

My sweet girl gets to live out her passion for synchronized figure skating 3-4 days a week, and her heart beats to the rhythm of the sound of her teammates blades on the ice next to hers. 

This is her 10th season as a National Blade, and also her last. 
She's off to college in the Fall, and yes, she'll continue her skating career there as well. Pursuing her dream of coaching her own synchro team some day. 

The next few days we are at her last Eastern Sectional Championships. Held ironically, in our home state of Virginia. She's skating at the Intermediate level in a jam-packed division. 
Her team is an amazing blend of talented skaters and they work hard both on and off the ice to achieve that perfect skate. That perfect score from the judges. 

But no matter where they place -  she'll leave the ice having left her ALL on the ice. 
Because it's who she is and its what she does. 
And this Mama couldn't be more proud of her girl. 


  1. Eastern Sectional Championships held right there in Virginia? That's just frosting on the MerriMakes cakes!

  2. So awesome! She takes after her mama!! Love you!!


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