Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Are you tired..........

yet of all the pictures from Founder's Circle? I sure hope not, because I love sharing it with you!

Part of this trip every year is a tour of the Stampin' Up! manufacturing facility where ALL of our fabulous stamps that you love are made. I just had to take a picture of the sign on the front door - because it means so much. The craftsmen who work for Stampin' Up! are experts at their jobs and each one is important to us. We really do have the finest rubber stamps in the world and everyone who works at Kanab is responsible for it!

This next picture is of me in front of the Kanab, UT building. It doesn't look like a manufacturing plant, does it? It is a beautiful facility with large open spaces and much natural lighting.

Did you know that the very latest in energy efficient technology was used it the construction of this plant? Stampin' Up! is very committed to the environment and protecting it as well as making the best use of our natural resources. Yet another reason for me to LOVE this company!

They have a fitness program in place for all the employees and have recently instituted a flexible work schedule for everyone so they can best meet the needs of their families. It makes me proud to part of SU! when they so obviously make an effort to help all of us put our families first.

Here is a picture of me with Ms. Kellee Sue. She is the guru behind the "FABULOUSNESS" of our Founder's Circle trip! We all love Kellee Sue and appreciate all she does to make us feel loved and pampered. She chooses our gifts and even the awards we recieve from Stampin' Up! on awards night at convention. Did I tell you that I was gifted with a Tiffany bracelet this year? How cool is that! Tiffany is definately not in our family budget, but what a nice treat from SU! just for doing my job!

I'll show you pictures tomorrow of some of the gifts we all received on the trip this year. I had to buy another suitcase just to get it all home! Yes, really!

During our tour of the plant we saw firsthand all the improvements and upgrades (they even showed us how the stamps are prepped for being die-cut.) Did you know that each stamp set has to have the die-cut map drawn by hand? It is such time-consuming work, but the ONE employee who does this for us is an expert! Once he creates the map, it is sent to another location in Utah where the actual boards are made for the cutting. Each die-cut board is hand made and the cutting "knives" are all individually hand shaped so each stamp set that is cut with it comes out perfect!

Once we left the plant, we headed over to the park in Kanab for an out of doors lunch and photos on the city playground. This is a playground like no other - the ground is acutally recycled rubber bits from Stampin' Up! No waste here - all the extra rubber and rejected stamps are ground up for mulch and you literally bounce around the playground as you walk! So fun! I brought a piece of it home last year as a memento for my scrapbook.

This picture is of me with Shelli Gardner and Stella Mackay on the slide. We had so much fun posing for pictures here and pretending we could actually "play" on the equipement. I did not, however, cross the monkey bars - I think this old body just could not have taken that much fun!
Happy Wednesday, everyone - see you tomorrow!

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  1. Love your hairstyle, Robin! And it really looks like you had a great time! :)


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