Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Star for Shannon

Remember last month when I went to the Regional Seminar in Virginia Beach? Remember me telling you that I got to spend a tiny bit of time getting to know Shannon West? Well, she has an amazing creative mind and one of the things she demonstrated for us from the main stage was this cute little Christmas tree decorated with ornaments she had hand made.

The ornaments were pretty special to her because she loves Diet Coke and used her empty Diet Coke cans and ran them through her Big Shot Die Cut machine with the Ornament Die.

Yeah, I know ! How Cool is that! The only problem was, she didn't have a decoration for the top of her tree. Now, how sad is that? Every Christmas Tree needs a topper and I figured the perfect one for Shannon would match her very cool ornaments!
So, on my last "supply" order from Stampin' Up! I added the 5 -Point Star Die for my Big Shot and started serving extra Diet Coke at my stamp classes! (Thanks for the help, stampers!)

When I had enough cans (5 to be exact) I cut them apart using my Craft and Rubber Scissors -Hey, SU! is going all Die Cut on their stamps, gotta find a new use for those great scissors!

I placed a portion of each can on the die and simply ran it through! It cut like BUTTAH! After I had my 5 pieces, I folded where necessary and stuck two pieces at at time together with Mini Glue Dots. They held long enough for me to use my Crop-A-Dile to punch a hole and add a Silver Eyelet so the pieces would stay together permanently. Once all 5 pieces were together, I took a small piece of one leftover can and rolled it up in a cone-like shape and used the Crop-A-Dile again to punch and eyelet it together.

The strap that holds the cone to the star was made by eyeleting two small strips of scrap can to the joint of two star pieces. I then wrapped them around the cone and trimmed the excess and once again punched and eyeleted with my Crop-A-Dile to hold it permanently.

I hope those directions are clear - it makes sense to me, but then again, I made the thing! If you end up trying it out and have questions, just send me an e-mail or post a comment. I'll get back to you!

Oh, and Shannon has promised to take a picture of the now complete Christmas Tree. I'll post it here when she sends it to me!

Ta for now!



  1. That is awesome! Isn't Shannon great? I used to teach with her "back in the day"!

  2. This is sooo stinkin' cute!!!! And you won't believe me but I just had my scrapbooking club on Monday and the ladies used empty soda cans to cut stars out with the Big Shot for one of their layouts. I too used my craft and rubber sissors to cut the can apart. They were sooooo amazed that we were using soda cans in my Big Shot!!! I love that little guy!!!! TFS!

  3. So cool! I have been using my craft and rubber scissors to cut cans, too! I use the aluminum to sharpen my punches! Great project!

  4. Robin this is the most awesome post! I keep forgetting to take a picture but I am recommitting to do it tomorrow! :) Thanks again for the amazing star!!!

  5. You don't know me, but I found your blog from Ashley VanCamps when she nominated you for an award. :) Anyway, I love your blog and this star is fabulous! I love it!


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