Thursday, August 6, 2009

Convention Excitement!

Hey stampers!!

I just had to pop in real quickly to tell you some exciting news - well, exciting to me at least!
When I checked in at the Awards Booth today, I was overwhelmed to learn that once again I had earned the honor of Founder's Circle. So thanks to all of my fabulous clients and friends; and my downline team, for the third year in a row, I find myself among the top demos in the country.

It's the most amazing thing and I'm so grateful for being honored this way once again. God has truly blessed me with my Stampin' Up! career and He has used it to provide for me and my family over and over.

I don't yet know what the reason was for my earning this honor, we find that out on Thursday night at the awards night celebration, but I'll be sure and post an update when I find out. Thanks so much for all YOU do to make my dreams a reality. I am blessed beyond measure.



  1. Congrats Robin! You deserve it whatever the reason!

  2. Oh Robin, that's so FABULOUS! I'm so excited for you :) :) congrats

  3. Congrats Robin!!! That's awesome!!

  4. Way to go girl!!!! So proud of you!!!!

  5. Way to go Robin!!! Can't wait to hear all about convention!


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