Thursday, August 20, 2009

Go-Divas Do it Again!

One of the fun things about being a demonstrator is getting to swap or trade cards, projects and ideas with other super talented demonstrators. Honestly, it's where I get some of my best ideas from the creativity of others around me. That's the whole idea of CASING - what we call Copy and Share Everything or CASE for short.
After convention two years ago, I decided to put together a group of stampers whose talent and creativity I greatly admired and as time passed, we have grown to a group of 30 stampers. We even have a waiting list! I never would have believed that! Anyway, we are called the Go-Divas because of a certain person's love for all things Chocolate - get it - GoDivas, Godiva...... Ok, so you get it! The photo below is just 7 of this very talented group (and me too, I'm in the picture with them) who met at convention this year to swap a Small 3-D item.
They are L to R Top Row: Becky Morris, Kelly Taylor, Gretchen Barron and Jane Allison;
L to R Bottom Row: Yvette Sanchez, Selene Kempton, Me and Tiffany Bauer.
Yep - a VERY talented bunch of stampers - and my friends too!
Today I'm posting their swaps for you to ogle and drool over, no details, but if you want info, feel free to contact me, ok? You already saw mine while I was at convention, it is at this post here.
Christmas Note Card Pouch by Yvette Sanchez (there really are 4 cards with envelopes in each pouch!)

ScrapBoard Clipboard by Tiffany Bauer
(This will proudly display my photo with my Go-Divas!)

Layered Paper and Crystal Effects Wearable Art by Selene Kempton
(Amazing and time consuming technique!)

Candy Treat Pouch (with Dove chocolate!) and Gum Wrapper by Kelly Taylor
(We can always count on Kelly for something Pink!)

Halloween Acetate Treat Pouch by Jane Allison (yes, she embossed and HAND CUT all of those bony guys!)

Lollipop Treat Holder by Becky Morris
(It's too cute to eat!)

Envelope Scrapbook Purse by Gretchen Barron

I have posted both outside and inside views for you and it still does not do it justice. Gretchen does have a tutorial on her blog if you want more information.
(She really did make 8 of these! - Amazing!)

And here are my GoDivas acting as the Divas they really are! Love you guys bunches!
I hope you enjoyed seeing all their fabulous projects today, these ladies are Rock Stars in my book and inspire me everyday!
Be sure to check back tomorrow - I have my Blogger's Challenge project all ready to go for you, it's got a couple of sneak peeks for you from the New Mini Catalog that comes out on September 1st. You won't want to miss it!
Love and stamps to you all,

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  1. OMG!!! You didn't just post that last picture!!! But we had a great time didn't we?? AND those swaps we came away with are just AWESOME!!! Thanks for forming this group of awesome ladies and asking me to be a part of it!! Luv ya girl and can't wait to see you at Founder's Circle in less then a month!!


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