Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh! What a Night!

WOW! I am still truly in shock over what happened at Awards Night this year. It was an amazing, marvelous evening and much of it is still a blur for me. The first photo here shows me with two of my dearest friends, Stella McKay on the left and Tiffany Bauer on the right, both Stampin' Up! rock stars! We were waiting to go in for the big announcements and celebration.

After arriving home last night from Salt Lake City, I sat down with my family and within about 1/2 hour was asleep on the couch! LOL! All the emotion and energy was finally catching up with me I guess. We are in the process today of packing for our vacation which starts tomorrow, but I wanted to quickly post a few pictures from awards night here for you to see. So many of you have sent such sweet, lovely congratulations along and I appreciate you all so much! It's a wonderful thing to have the respect and admiration of your peers and I can honestly say that I'm humbled by all your kind words and faith in me. I will do my very best for you, I promise!

This photo is of the three of us walking for the Southern Caribbean Cruise achievers. I am electing to NOT show you the photo of our arms raised, no one needs to see my armpits! LOL! Although if you look in the background you can see Susan Elise-Morton sticking her tongue out. I'm not sure who she is looking at, but I think she is having fun!

This next photo just blows me away.

There is nothing in the world that can describe the feeling of having your name called for the Advisory Board. Being asked to serve is the highest honor one can hope for within the Stampin' Up! organization. I am humbled and amazed that Shelli Gardner thought enough of me to ask me to serve here.

Look at my face! Can you tell I was just floored?! The day after awards night, I had so many friends come up to me and say they were yelling and cheering when my name was called, but I honestly didn't hear a thing! I was in such a state of shock, I even looked at Shelli when I was walking up and said "Me? Are you sure?" Boy, the dumb things we say sometimes........!

But, I think this smile says it all.

You know, I view my Stampin' Up! business as a gift from God. He has used it to provide for us financially in more ways than I can count. He has blessed me with friendships that are lasting, real and true blue. He has given me a creative outlet that has endless possibilities and feeds my soul. And now He has provided me with the opportunity to be a voice and an advocate for the demonstrators that I love and admire so much.

If you are a demo friend of mine, I am so glad you are part of my life - promise to pray for me and the other board members that we represent you well.

If you are my client and friend, I value you more than you know and am so glad you choose to do business with me.

If you are my downline and friend, your presence on my team of stampers is precious to me. You guys are the best and I treasure each of you. Let's work together this year to grow our team and share what we love to do!

Stamped blessings to you all!

I'll be on vacation with my family this week, but have some creative posts scheduled for you to view. I'll be back next week with more pictures and stories from convention - boy do I have a lot to tell you!

If you are wanting to attend August Classes and Camps, the schedule is up on my website

Be sure to e-mail me to rsvp! Can't wait to get stampin' again!



  1. Awesome pictures!!! Enjoy totally deserve it!!!
    Have a great vacation!!

  2. You totally deserve this top honor and I am still trying to recover from our wonderful week at Convention!!!! I too feel a sleep after about an of arriving home and sleep until 8am this morning!!!

    Reading your blog post put tears in my eyes!! You are one of my best and dearest friends on this earth and I truly thank god for bringing you into my life!!!

  3. Robin, you are so cute...such a talented and humble person, and i absolutely adore your mouth-open deer-in-the-headlight grin clutching that huge bouquet of flowers! Have a fabulous vacation, too :)

  4. I can think of few more deserving demonstrators than yourself to serve on Advisory board, Congratulations Robin! I hope it is the experience of a lifetime! I enjoyed meeting you and enduring your harrassment :)

    Enjoy your vacation!


  5. Awwww, ROBIN!!! Congratulations!!!I'm so happy for you! Have a great year!

  6. Yes the photo does say it all! i'm all teary for you all over again (i know you're shocked) I'm so proud of you and it's no surprise to me that Shelli picked you because of the amazing person that you are.

    Take some time to enjoy yourself this week. Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone. Much love to you my friend.

  7. Congrats on all of the awards and for being selected to serve on the advisory board!! EEK! (please ask for the old in-colors back.. I really miss my kiwi kiss and ridinghood red - LOL)
    I am visiting from Debbie Naylor's blog (my upline)..
    Love your blog.. off to look at your pics and drool over your projects!

  8. Congrats on being on the Board. Loved looking at your convention pictures. Enjoy your vacation.

  9. Congratulations Robin! What an exciting honor. I know you'll do a great job.

    You Rock!


  10. Congratulations Robin! I sooo enjoyed meeting you at Convention...what an honor! I wish you much luck and of course fun with your upcoming year on the advisory board...and hopefully I'll see you next year! {SMILES}

  11. Robin, I'm SO thrilled and excited and proud for you being chosen for this high honor! I know that you will be a wonderful representative of your fellow demos on the Advisory Board! It will be an experience to cherish always! So glad you were chosen! WOW! Huge hugs and congratulations! Margaret

  12. Robin, I'm just catching up after being at a conference and WOW!!! Congradulations on such a great achievement. I'm glad you had some great friends nearby to document you moment. I sense a few scrapbook pages in your future!

  13. I'm so very proud of you Robin. You so deserve this honor and we know you will represent us well. (I love the surprised photo. It's so you!)

    Hugs to you my friend!


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