Monday, October 12, 2009

How to Customize and Apply Decor Elements

Yep, it's Monday here too! I hope you all had a great weekend. Did you get any stamping done? I didn't, but I got to spend some much needed time with my parents and my family. But, I started feeling kind of cruddy yesterday afternoon and after doing a stamping presentation for a local women's group this morning, I've spent the rest of the day sleeping on the couch. Say a prayer for me, this feels like it could turn into Bronchitis and that would be awful!

Anyway, back in September, I decorated my little mini netbook computer with Decor Elements and took pictures to do a little tutorial for you. Since I've spent a little time with this computer on my lap today, thought I'd go ahead and post the tutorial for you now.
Lots of you haven't ever tried the Decor Elements and I want to encourage you to do it! They are really a beautiful way to dress up just about any blank surface and it's super easy to do. Believe me, if I can do it without help, then ANYONE can do it.

In the first picture above, you can see that I chose the Baby Decor Element in Pretty In Pink, size small for my project. That photo shows you how it is delivered to you, flat with instructions. The larger size Decor Elements come rolled up in a nice tube so they aren't damaged in shipping.

For Step #1, you need to clean off the surface of what the Decor Element will be applied to. Here I've used some glass cleaner and paper towels.

Step #2 - I've taken my Paper Snips and trimmed out the center of the design - the word "Baby".

That piece I've set aside and will be able to use it on a future project.

Step #3 - Take the Applicator Tool and rub the entire back surface of the Decor Element piece. It's the side with the Grid on it. Be sure and rub every part while resting it on a hard surface. The next step is to peel off the backing and this assures that the vinyl design adheres to the cover piece.

Step #4 - You gently and slowly peel away the backing paper to reveal the Decor Element. If your design has a lot of intricate parts, be sure to go SLOWLY so you don't leave a part behind!
(Can you believe I took this picture with my left hand and was peeling with my right? Yep, I did - amazing stuff there!)

Here is the whole piece revealed! It will be sticky, so be careful not to touch it where you don't want it to stay!

Step #5 - Position the Decor Element Design, sticky side down, on your clean surface. You pretty much get one shot at this, so just go SLOWLY, it will be fine, I promise!

Step #6 - Once you have it positioned and smoothed out, take the Applicator Tool once again and rub all over the design, adhering it to the surface of your object.

Step #7 - You will now peel back the cover paper - Gently and Slowly - magically revealing your gorgeous new Netbook (or whatever you've decorated! :) )

Now, isn't that pretty?!
To do the opposite side of my project, I just repeated Steps #3 - 7 and obtained my final result!

I just LOVE my girly-girl Netbook and I get so many comments on it wherever I use it!

There is a cute picture of me and my friend Tiffany Bauer at Founder's Circle on her blog here with our decorated netbooks out by the pool! Unfortunately, we couldn't get the internet out there, but it was fun trying!

I hope my little tutorial has helped you better understand how COOL the Decor Elements are! They are really a fun product and I can think of tons of ideas to customize some great gifts for Christmas this year! If you want more information, please contact me! I'd love to share with you!
Have a great evening and if I'm feeling better tomorrow, I'll come back on and post something new for you. Right now, it's nap time again........



  1. Too cute!! I just love that picture of us with our net books all decorated up!!

  2. Great Tutorial and great photo. So Cute. One day, I'll be sitting by that pool with you both!!

    Hope you're feeling better Robin.


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