Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Skating Season Again!

And here is our National Blades Pre-Juv Level team!
They are the Copacabana girls this year - skating to the Barry Manilow song that we ALL remember from the 80's. Believe me, all the parents just start singing along and bopping their heads when their music starts - it's kind of comical actually!
But there is nothing comical about our girls and the hard work they've put into their routine this year! They look fabulous and are ready to compete! (My daughter, Emma is 4th from the right in this photo.)

This is a photo of them completing their Triangle Pass Through. I can't do that on solid ground, much less on a razor thin blade on ice! They amaze me!

And here is a photo of them in their Moving Circle. They are locked arms and skating around in a circle, but moving it across the ice from one end of the rink towards the other. Really just amazing!

So we are here in Charleston, WV for the Mountain State Synchro Competition. The girls on our Pre-Juv team will be competing against 3 other teams at their level and we are hoping for Gold! But, it will all be over by tomorrow afternoon, so say a prayer for them for safety above all, but for sharp skills and team spirit!
Go National Blades!

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