Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Blog Award - How Cool!

I had the sweetest thing happen yesterday when we were driving up to Lowell - I got an e-mail from my cyber stamping buddy Elizabeth telling me she had given me a blog award and it was because I inspired her! Wow, it's so cool to know that others like what I do - thanks Elizabeth!

Here is the award: (isn't it yummy looking?!)

And these are the rules for receiving it:
1) Copy and paste the award on your blog
2) List who gave it to you and link to her blog (see link above)
3) List 10 things that make you happy!
4) Pass the award on to others who inspire you

10 things that make me happy:
1) My relationship with Jesus - to be sure of my salvation and knowing He is faithful is just the BEST!
2) My husband Mark - he is my rock and best friend - not to mention a great chef and he still makes me laugh after 18 years of marriage.
3) My daughter Emma - she is the light of my life for so many reasons and she hasn't learned yet that it's not cool to like your Mom!
4) Music and singing - my life should be set to a soundtrack, music inspires me and sets my mood like nothing else can.
5) Being with my friends who love me, warts and all - you know who you are! :) It's great to have people in your life you can be completely real with and they don't hold it against you - we're not in high school, after all.
6) A blue sky with big, white, fluffy clouds and the sun just shining bright! Really, it makes me so happy!
7) Color - bold splashes of color just make me smile.
8) My fireplace - I love to snuggle up with my family (and the dogs) on the couch in front of the fireplace and just be....
9) Chocolate - really, if you know me I don't have to explain this!
10) Shoes - again, if you know me......... What?! I just love shoes - don't you?!

My friends who deserve this award because they make me happy:
1) Tiffany Bauer
2) Selene Kempton
3) Patti Chesky
4) Nancy Clark

Have a great day everyone! What makes you happy?

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