Thursday, January 28, 2010

Emma's Team Made the Final!

WARNING! This is a very non-stamping related post and I am one PROUD Mama right now! So be prepared for little EXCITEMENT!!!

For the first time ever in Emma's 4 years with the National Blades Synchronized Skating Team - they qualified for the Final Round of the USFS Eastern Sectional Championship!! This means that her team is one of the top 12 teams at her level on the entire EAST COAST!!!

Here is a photo I took of them in the locker room just before they went out to take the ice.
As you can see, they were a little loose and happy - which translated to FUN during their program. We do bring them back to focus as they leave the locker room, but too much 'serious' just makes them nervous.

And here is them after their AMAZING skate, getting their official photo taken.

Look at those smiles! They knew they had done a great job, even without knowing the results at that minute.
Mark was upstairs in the arena where the results are posted and I called him from the locker room to find out where they'd placed and you should have heard the ERUPTION from the girls when they found out! You'd have thought we'd told them they'd won a million dollars and a visit from the Jonas Brothers!

So, tomorrow at 12:59 pm est, they will take the ice again for the final round. No matter the outcome, these girls can hold their heads high and be proud of their accomplishment tonight.
Go National Blades!!!


  1. Goodness Gracious!! Awesome job Emma and the rest of the girls! Have fun tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you so keep us all posted.

  2. WAY TO GO National Blades!!

    Prayers and hugs for a phenomenal skate today!!!!!

  3. WOW! How exciting, and what a proud moment for you!!! Wishing them the best!!

  4. Congratulations, Emma!!!!!

  5. Congratulations, Emma!!!

  6. This news is totally awesome!!! Tell Emma what a great job she did (even though I haven't see the video yet!!!!) I am sure you and Emma and Mark are on cloud 9 along with the rest of the team!! Keep us updated on the rest of the weekend!!! Take care and GO NATIONAL BLADES!!!!!!

  7. It was fantastic to watch the girls in action! They are amazing! ((hugs))

  8. So cool, Robin -- I watched one of their videos last night and was so impressed! Thanks for sharing the excitement with us. Blessings, Gretchen

  9. Looks like the wrist was ok! So happy all turned out wonderful in the end! Congrats Robin and Emma!


  10. Way to go, Emma and team! congrats!!


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