Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Family Christmas

Hi there stamping friends!
I just wanted to share a little glimpse of Christmas this year with you all today. If you come back to visit me later this evening, I have a very fun Valentine's card for you for the Stamping 411 Saturday Sketch Challenge. I'll also be announcing the winner of the Christmas week Blog Candy!

I finally got around to going through all our photos from the season and cropped some to share. Between skating travel and being sick, we didn't take part in as many festivities as we normally do, but we did spend some quality family time together - and that is priceless!

Here Emma and I are decorating our big Christmas tree:

Susie is disappointed that she can't help.

Buster on the other hand, is content to supervise from the other couch.

Mark and Emma always make sure the star is in place - nice job, eh?

I really don't think that Susie liked her Santa hat - it's just not your style, is it girl?

Santa's elves.........

Mark and Emma decorated our small tree in the foyer this year as well as the mantle. I was just too sick to care by this time!

But fortunately, by Christmas Eve, we were all feeling better and got to attend our church service. We love taking part in Communion on Christmas Eve and the candlelight portion of the service just blesses my heart. It's a Christmas tradition that I wouldn't want to miss and I'm so glad that Mark and Emma feel the same way.

Here I am with my dear friend Angie. You know, the one who doesn't stamp! :)
But nonetheless, she is still precious to me and I love singing in the choir next to her!

Once we got home from church, we made a valiant attempt at a family photo in front of the tree. This actually about the 8th one we took. Finally got Buster to settle down to wait for his biscuit!

And of course, Emma's Christmas Eve gift - new pj's!
My Mom was a bit scandalized that they were from Victoria's Secret, but hey, Mom - they are FLANNEL! Sheesh!

The funniest gift of the year had to be this one from Emma's stocking. Mark and I bought her a headlamp from Lowe's. She is always reading, so much so that she uses a flashlight in the car after the sun goes down so she doesn't have to stop. This way, she can wear her light and hold the book!

My favorite gift - and biggest surprise - was a Babycakes Cupcake maker that Emma picked out for me! She remembered from several months ago that I wanted one, but since it's not 'practical' (nor can I ink it), I decided that I didn't need one.
Love that she cared enough to remember - and besides that - it's really cool! And pink too!

It's always great to have my Mom and Dad here for Christmas - I don't get many photos of them with Emma so I'm glad for this one.

Mark's Mom gets to come visit us pretty often - we always have a great time together and we love having her visit! She will be going on the Alaska cruise with us in May. Both of our birthdays are that week, so it will be a big celebration!

One of the things on Emma's wish list this Christmas was writing supplies. She writes short stories and has started a book as well, so she always needs paper, pencils, etc.
My Mom and Dad gave her a HUGE box full of supplies!

After Christmas we were able to travel to visit Mark's Dad and his wife Peg. We don't get to see them as often as we'd like, but we're always glad to be able to visit at Christmas.
Mark's Dad loved his gifts!

As you can see, I was pretty excited to get some of my favorite - L'Occitane Lavender!

Emma was thrilled to discover her much desired Vera Bradley duffel bag.

When she realized that there was more in the giant bag, she dove right in!

Peggy loves jewelry, so the silver set we bought her really brought a smile to her face!

And Mark will be very well dressed this year, he got two shirts and some fun new lounge pants!

So, Christmas was a fun, family affair this year.
We loved being able to spend a relaxing time with family and friends.

On behalf of all of us here, Susie wishes you a Happy New Year with many blessings for you and your family.

Stamped blessings,


  1. Thanks for sharing, Robin. Sometimes quiet holidays are the best. Looks like you all had a great time. Miss you.

  2. Hey there, it's your non-stamping friend! Love all the Christmas pics! Looks like you guys had a great week!


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