Friday, December 31, 2010

A Blog Award - Wow!

I woke up to a lovely surprise this morning - a blog award from Miss Vicky in Austrialia!
Thanks Vicky! I'm thrilled that you find my blog 'Stylish'!

Part of receiving this award is to:
Thank the person who gave you the award
Share 8 things about yourself
Pass this award onto 8 bloggers who inspire you.

So, 8 things about myself:
1) I am a child of the King of Kings - Jesus Christ, and am blessed to call Him Saviour.
2) I love spending time with my family and friends. I'm very social and love to be with people!
3) A day without Chocolate is like a day without sunshine!
4) Likewise, a day without stamping is like a day without Chocolate!
5) I despise anything to do with the computer - yes, really! But I spend time on it because it keeps me in touch with the ones I care about!
6) My favorite places on Earth are the beach - anytime; and at the top of Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine at sunset. Gorgeous!
7) My favorite foods (besides chocolate) are Italian, Mexican and a good grilled hamburger (Foster's Grille is da' bomb!)
8) I love to travel and have so many places to visit on my 'bucket list' that I most likely will never see them all!

Bloggers who inspire me (in no particular order):
Carrie Gaskin
Tiffany Bauer
Lisa Young
Julie Pitta
Dawn Pritchard
Selene Kempton
Penny Thomas

There are actually so many more, but I really can't decide so I'll just leave you with these few. These gals are amazing stampers and all have wonderfully different styles - Love them!

Thanks again Vicky for the award - what a cool way to say goodbye to 2010!
Stamped blessings,


  1. Wow! What an awesome thing to wake up to! For you and now for me! thanks So much!!! You inspire me every day and to know you like my blog is just a huge compliment to me!

  2. I don't post very often on your blog but I read it just about every day. Thank you for all the fun and inspiration you have given me in 2010. I am looking forward to 2011.

    Carey Rogers
    aka Roscoe's mommy

  3. Thanks Robin for bestowing me the honor of this award! You are such an inspiration. Happy New Year (a little late).


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