Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time Marches On.......

First I need to say that rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated! I am still alive but not so well - I have that nasty little cruddy cold that has been making it's rounds everywhere. Uggh! All my busyness has caught up with me and I am being forced to lay on the couch. I don't sit still very well. Especially this time of year with so much going on! Today though, that's about all I did, lay on the couch and sleep. Yesterday though was a different matter.
You see, yesterday, our sweet baby girl became a teenager.
Wow, that was fast!
And because it was such a big day in our family, I chugged down a gallon of cold medicine and bucked up so we could celebrate!
See - aren't we the happy family?!!
We actually are! :)

We took Emma to one of her favorite restaurants - Famous Dave's - for a rib dinner. My girl loves her ribs! Here's a photo to prove it:

(Ya got a little smudge there, Em!)
It's kind of hard to see in the background there, but the sign on the table reads "If your family doesn't like barbeque, find a new one."
No problem here, we love it! But that sign cracked me up!

I also love that the wait staff helps you celebrate by banging garbage can lids together while attempting to sing Happy Birthday. This must be why they are waiting tables, they sure can't sing, but it was fun anyway!

And it's so worth the embarassment when you get free dessert!
With Hot Fudge no less! Yumm!

So once we stuffed ourselves silly, we headed home so Emma could check out her gifts and cake.
Pretty cool cake, eh?

I'd actually ordered it to be purple zebra stripes on a white background with lime green polka dots. But hey, close counts doesn't it?
She loved it, that's all that matters!

Here's the birthday girl with an amazing handmade card by yours truly. (Amazing that I managed to get it made when I had to stop every 3 minutes to blow my nose!)
Again, she loved it, so any pain and suffering I endured while creating it was so worth it - for her!

Brandon gave her this very funny cow card,
it made her laugh hysterically which is always a feat.
Go Brandon!

Here she has the "Can you believe the box?" look on her face.

Why yes Emma, this time you can!

We are so blessed and proud of the young lady Emma is becoming.
She still loves spending time with us - don't know how long that will last, but we'll take it!

There you go little miss 13.
Don't go growing up too fast, ok?

You'll always be our doodle-bug and we'll always love you - no matter what!


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