Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Friendship Friday - RAK Me!

First things first,
Angie, my snowy card did NOT send away the rain. Uggh! That's painfully obvious this morning isn't it? But I guess it was a nice thought anyway. Hope your commute was not too bad this morning......

Oh, hey, let me clue you stampers in here - Angie is my awesome, non-stamping friend that sings next to me in our church choir. We tend to talk too much and get in trouble with Pastor Scott (which is fun, btw), but we end up doing pretty good, so I guess we figure it's ok. Especially since it's about the only time we have each week to catch up.
Angie is awesome, well, because she is, even though she doesn't stamp - maybe on an envelope - but she pretty much views crafting as a communicable disease. And that's ok, because at least she likes my stuff and even reads my blog - hence the shout out in response to her snowy card comment on Facebook last night.
Anyway, Angie is pretty special to me. We've been friends for over 10 years, I think. It's hard to remember at my age. But point is, we all have special people in our lives; in different parts of our lives, and even though not all of our interests are the same (I dislike baseball - Angie is a FANatic) there is some common bond that makes each one unique and beautiful.

Today's post is me sharing what some of my special friends did to make me feel awesome! Each of them are part of my stamping life, but they ALL are special to me just because they are who they are.
Over the last 6 weeks, I've gotten a BUNCH of RAK's (random acts of kindness) in the mail and it's time I showed off a few of them to you and tooted my friend's horns a bit!

Here's a card I received from Meg Wheeler:

Isn't it adorable?!!
Meg and I served on the Advisory Board together last year and we have many things in common - our faith for one. She sent me this sweet card along with a little treat in mid-September and I've been remiss in sharing it. With all that's going on in her life, she still thought of me.

This card is from Karen Duke:

Karen is my surprisingly, umm, shall we say - feisty Canadian friend. I'll just leave it at that. WE know what I mean!
Anyway, Karen also served on the Advisory Board last year with me and she was so sweet to mail me one of her Founder's Circle swaps last month. I love it sweet Karen!

This one is from my crazy chocolate bunny mutilating friend Diana Gibbs:

We knew an awesome friendship was in the making when I flipped over her way too funny Easter cards a few years ago. She is awesome for trading wisecracks with, and some sweet words too - but I have found in her a kindred, comedic spirit. She GETS me, and that's pretty cool. I still need to go visit her and eat at The Deli. She kills me with the food photos she shares. Yeah, I know, like I should talk!

Lastly for today - I have MORE for later - is this cute treat pouch from Barbara Dondero:

Now I did not know Barbara personally when she was recommended to me at the beginning of my GoDiva swap group. But having exchanged e-mails and traded stamped pretties for the past several years, I've come to know her heart - and it's beautiful! She sent me the most lovely letter when my Dad passed and I still have it. AND she knows me pretty well - she always sends chocolate!

So, there you go - a Friday full of friendship and kindness. Don't you LOVE that?!
Like I said, I have more RAK's to share, so keep checking in so you can see some of the beautiful work that my stamping friends do and see yet another reason why stamping brings us together.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. RAK ya? I wanna hug ya! I can't wait to see you in San Antonio and hug that adorable neck of yours.
    Love you girlfriend,

    P.S. French Onion soup this week at The is so worth the trip!

  2. Robin....Your comments are just so made me blush! Thank you...and thanks for posting the goodie pouch. But, really, although I made it (with a few changes), this awesome idea is from Monika Davis.


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