Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A "Golden" Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was extra special this year.
Not only did we have my Mom and Mark's Mom here with us for the weekend, we all got to watch Emma skate in the May Day Open competition on Sunday morning.
It's her second competition of her singles season and once again, she did a beautiful job!

That alone was my best Mother's Day gift - being able to watch my girl do what she loves best and do it beautifully.
Here's the video of her skate that day:

In all honesty, it wasn't her best skate, but it sure made her coach happy!
Here they are waiting on the results to be posted.
I had to laugh, because they are already listening to music possibilities for next season!

Here is a photo of the results sheet. I had to take this photo because you RARELY see all the judges in complete agreement over scores. That was fun!

My girl at the top of the medal stand - they all look pretty happy, don't they?

Another photo of Emma and Rosemary - they make such a good team. We love our coach!

And me with my golden girl!
Yes, she is about 2 inches taller than me - even taller in her skates - and I had on wedge heels that day. She's only 14, is she gonna get any taller??

I wish we'd gotten a photo of her with the Grandma's, but everything was moving so quickly, we totally forgot!

So, that's how I spent my Mother's Day - my best ever - wouldn't you agree??

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