Friday, May 18, 2012


No photos with this post, just a sincere apology.
I know many Stampin' Up! demonstrators follow my blog and read my stamping related posts on Facebook and I am grateful that you like me and my stuff enough to do so.

Yesterday, I did a really stupid thing and I fear it may have potentially caused others to follow suit.
I attached a photo of the cover of the new catalog to my client e-mail which posts to my Facebook page. And, I had a photo of it on my blog sidebar as well.

This is a no-no with Stampin' Up! We are not allowed to post any photographs of printed materials from upcoming catalogs or promotions until the live date. We are allowed to post projects made with products, but nothing else.

In my excitement to "tease" the new catalog - it really is awesome! - I completely forgot this rule and showed the catalog cover online.
If you know me, you know that integrity is everything to me and I would never want to do something that breaks a rule and especially if it leads someone else to do the same.

As you've probably guessed, someone saw my photo in one of those places and contacted Stampin' Up! to notify them of the violation. To whoever that was, I am grateful that you did and I thank you for being diligent and acting quickly.
Stampin' Up! contacted me and within minutes of receiving the message, I had removed the photos and posts. I was mortified to say the least.

I debated on whether to post this, but I've seen a few demonstrator posts on Facebook that spoke of violations being noticed and warnings given. Believe me, I never want to be the example where a warning has to be given! So if I caused you to do the same because you trust me, then please accept my apology for leading you astray. I'm humbled that you trust me to do the right thing, but we all make mistakes and this is one time I did.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate you all so much!


  1. Any one who knows you... I mean KNOWS YOU, knows that you would never break the rules on purpose. I'm sure you felt like you needed to post an explanation, but it's not necessary. I didn't see the "offending" post, but don't beat yourself up. We all do silly stuff or make mistakes from time to time. Thank God we're not all perfect, how boring would life be? Now go stamp somethin' pretty and share it! :) Love u.

  2. Robin OMgosh do some of these demonstrators have nothing better to do than be the SU POLICE....geez every time I tell my husband I cannot do that it's in violation he says "What is the SU POLICE going to catch you and arrest you?" I say "Yes!" LOL but it's true there is always someone out there trying to get another demonstrator in trouble no matter what the CRIME! Please things happen....when we had a change over of the new flip stamp pads from just the ones that opened up I put my stamp pads up for sale and was reported to SU because I was in violation the stamp pads were discontinued just reconfigured and I couldn't sell them!!! It was literally 2 mins after I posted it I had gotten a telephone call from SU.... I too was mortified... it happens to the best of us and we are human and make mistakes it's when you make a mistake and continue to do the same thing then it's WRONG!

    Stampingly yours,

  3. Robin:

    Thank you for your honest humble apology. You are and always have been an example of SU integrity and everyone makes mistakes! It is so easy to do when you love what you do and get so excited to share it with others. Your attitude regarding this incident shows me that you walk with your faith and do not just speak it with words.

    Thank you for being an example of what we stand for and for all you do to help others grow.



  4. I love your blog and was truly sorry about the big ooops. To my way of thinking, the last perfect person was hung on a cross a long time ago. Mistakes happen and hopefully nothing further will happen.

  5. Waohhh ,you also have people who practice the delation too.
    I know this rules as we have the same in Europe.
    This is not very fair from your colleague to call SU instead of calling you.
    It can happen to everybody to make a mistake ,and when it happens here ,we contact the demo first.
    It's only when this demo do that all the time that we say it to SU.
    Hope everything will come back to the normal for You.
    Katou (from Paris)


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