Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Convention Starts Today!

Even though yesterday was a travel day and our settling in day, the SU! party started in Chicago in the Southwest Terminal -

Stampers know how to find each other and have fun anywhere we go!

The first order of business was to EAT once we landed and got checked into our hotel.

 The Cheesecake Factory at the new City Creek Center was fantastic.  I had a great lunch with some fantastic friends and didn't even have to wait two hours for a table like the at the one back home!

Because I'd been up since 4:15 AM est, a little caffeine was in order in the form of Linda's Fudge Cake and some Coke Zero. Hey, it all balances out, right! 
Besides, I shared the cake with Cathy. heehee!

Next, we of course had to walk off lunch with a little shopping.
Here I am modeling a little something that comes in a little blue box tied with a white satin ribbon.
Maybe if all the stars align this week, I can bring it home with me! Keep your fingers crossed, ok?

Once a few more of my downline arrived, we headed over to Gateway Mall for dinner.
Here's the salsa trio from Z'tejas, one of our favorite mexican restaurants.

And my Vegetarian Diablo Pasta was very yummy! Spicy, yes, but yummy!

So, that's all the photos I have so far - but hey, it's a start!
I'll have more later and tomorrow too.

Have a great day everyone!
Go stamp something fun!
~~ Robin

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