Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Convention Pics - Awards Night!

Happy Tuesday!

Well, the family is all back in the fold and last night we had some long overdue snuggle, tv and dessert time. Did I tell you how good it was to be back home?? :)

BUT...being at Convention with so many of my SU! family was awesome too. I already miss these gals so much, especially my bff Tiffany.

Today's convention pics concentrate on Awards Night and all the crazy fun we had there.
Most of you know that Tiffany has this huge honkin' camera that will practically cook your breakfast for you, so there isn't much need for me to have mine when she's with me. (that's really a good thing because I get so busy socializing that I forget to take the pictures!)

Anyway, she loves these crazy cool photo ops and here's our first one - in the bathroom of the hotel room after we got ready. Check us out!


It's kind of cool that we have reserved seating - kind of special when you're used to sitting in the back!

Here's Tiffany with her "date" our friend Michelle Thieriault; and me with my "date", another one of my besties Tara Bazata.


So many of us wore Royal Blue - we even matched the scenery! Apparently Lyssa didn't get the memo, but her soft green dress was lovely and perfect for her. (l to r: Brenda Marshall, Tiff, Lyssa Zwolanek, Me)


This year the stage set up didn't change for awards night, but I really love the shabby chic look of the set.

Tiffany is really excited about earning Fiji! 
Not so much about the long plane trip.....

Part of the fun of earning Founders Circle Honors (Top 100 company wide) is the unique bag we all recieve. Here's Diana Gibbs with hers:

I was pretty happy to have earned Founders Circle again this year...


Here is the group of 10 I was called to the stage with:

L to R Bottom Row: Ruth Bingle, Me, Jo Golden, Susan Elise Morton, Shelli Gardner
L to R Top Row: Sharon McNeely, Jennifer Gulch, Connie Stewart, Jan Burnett, Lori Staley

And yes, I do love my bag! Just so glad that Tiffany didn't take a photo of me dancing with it right after this one! LOL!

Here I am with my friend Melissa who works for SU! I met Melissa the year I presented with Karah Crosby at Convention and I just love her - she is always so upbeat and fun! On check-in day, she was the one who gave me my notice that I'd earned Founders Circle and the little stinker told me later that she knew it before she called me up to her booth. She did a good acting job because I had no clue! 
Tonight, she got all dressed up for Awards Night and she was drop dead gorgeous!  I love this photo:

I was blessed to have one of my downline and one of my honorary downlines at Awards Night with me. L to R: Me, Michelle Suit and Rose-Ellen Eastman.

Now for the good stuff - dessert!
How do you choose???

Apparently, you don't!

So, a la Academy Awards, we had our own "Red Carpet" for Awards Night. Tiffany turned her camera over to a stranger (gasp!) to get our photo together:

For a couple of gals who are pretty non-diva we faked it pretty good!

It's just the best thing in the world to have a great friend who gets you in every way and who you can completely be yourself with. I'm a very lucky gal.

Shelli opened convention on Thursday morning with this quote and I'll leave it here with you:

Have a wonderful, THANKFUL day friends!
More pics tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations to you and Tiffany. It was so great to meet you at convention.


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