Saturday, July 14, 2012

Maine is for......Food! (and scrapbooking!)

Yep, and we ate like royalty on our trip - often, abundant and delicious!

On the 10 hour drive back home from our recent vacation, I was able to scrapbook almost our entire vacation using My Digital Studio on my laptop. I filled the entire 26 page Keep This Memory 12" x 12" photo book template and STILL need to add pages since I took so many photos!

I love that I was able to get a HUGE jumpstart on scrapbooking our trip - that's something I've not often been able to do in the past and now that I'm learning the awesome My Digital Studio program, it's becoming so easy! AND I love that I can do the whole book on my computer, send it off to the professional print service and receive a beautiful hard (or soft) bound book in return. Very cool!

Here's a couple of pages from this album I'm working on. They are a double page spread, but I separated them here so you could see detail a little better. If you click on the page, you can read the journaling if you like.

Keep in mind that I used the photo book template that came with the digital kit I downloaded from my own Online Store. It's SUPER easy to just drag and drop in my photos and add my journaling in the blocks provided.

On the page with Emma's happy hamburger face, I did change the elements of the tag (there was a bicycle there before - that had nothing to do with hamburgers!) by deleting the picture and adding in a stamp from the Certified download. That particular download was actually a stamp set at one time in our catalog, but after it retired, SU! created the digital stamp download so we could ALWAYS have it - it never retires digitally!
There were two blank spaces on the "authentic" label stamp, so I just created text boxes and filled them in.

The page below was not altered by me in any way, I just added photos to the spaces for them and let it be.

I may go back before I send it to the publisher and add a journaling block to this page - I got to talk to the owner about how the whole Food Network thing came about, so it's a great story. But if I do that, it will be a cinch and won't mess up the page layout at all - there's lots of open space to add more journaling if I want to.

Want more info on My Digital Studio? Just check out my website - OR visit
You can find all kinds of great information there on this terrific program AND the soon to be released upgrade with even more fantastic and easy to use features! There's even a FREE 30 Day Trial that you can download from my website in the Online Store. Just click the SHOP NOW button at the top right corner to find the Digital Designing information and downloads.

Happy Saturday everyone!
Be back on Monday with another new project for you!

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  1. such a nice summer project of this yr., but, I don't know how you can s.b.w/mds in the car??!! I'd be forever nauseated big time; thanks for sharing your work, as I enjoy it so much!


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