Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Leadership Fun - Round One!

Just a couple of quick photos today from Leadership! I'm still getting my act together since returning on Monday and there has been NO stamping going on in the studio! I guess if I hadn't decided to clean out the abyss otherwise known as the closet I might be getting something accomplished! LOL!

The first photo is of me (I know, you can see that!) and I like it because it makes me look taller and thinner! haha

The next photo is of a few of my good friends at lunch on Thursday. Part of this group are some super stampers from my Go-Divas Swap group and if you've been in the studio, you've seen their work plastered all over my display boards. The back row from L to R is Kelly Taylor, Jenn Turoff, Missy Shipman, Me, Becky Morris, Jeanette Swain, Lisa Somerville and Jane Allison. Front row from L to R is Michelle Guido, Amy Caraluzzi, Selene Kempton and Sheryl Dickinson.

Fabulous stampers all, but fabulous friends most importantly!

I love my job! Oh, hey, if you want to see a really fun photo of me, check out Shelli Gardner's Blog at (Yes, THE Shelli Gardner!) I'm in her post about Manager's Reception - how cool is that! The photo is of me with some of my skeeball tickets - I'm wearing the really cute fuschia coat that my Mother-In-Law gave me for Christmas - thanks MOM!

Back with more photos and fun tomorrow! Stay tuned!


  1. Hey Robin, WOW it looks and sounds like Leadership was great fun! I love that shirt you are wearing, and yes I agree it is a lovely photo of you! Now to go and check you out on Shelli's blog! Hope all is well with you! Love Makeesha x

  2. it was great to see you- even if it was for like a total of 5 minutes.

    tty- very very soon. :)


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