Tuesday, January 20, 2009

See what you'll be missing.....

if you don't come to my Love is in the Air Valentine's Class this Saturday?

And not only these beauties, but Valentine's Cards and Candy Treats too! Do you really want to miss this class?

I hope not! That's why I'm extending the RSVP date until Friday 1/23 at Noon! Our fun class will begin at 10 am on Saturday morning the 24th and you'll be done by 2 at the latest!

And if you can't make this Saturday, you can come stamp with me and do the same projects on Tuesday, February 3rd at 10 am.

I know, you've been busy taking down the Christmas tree, winding up the lights, doing the laundry, washing dishes - don't you want to escape and have some real FUN?! You DESERVE it! Remember, stamping warms the heart and we ALL can use some extra warmth right now, kwim? So, e-mail me or call me right now and RSVP! Real Spring flowers are still a few months away, but these lovelies will bloom for you all year!

By the way, this picture is of my friend and fellow demo, Carol Payne from Illinois. Carol and I met at Founder's Circle in September and I happened to run into her at Leadership Conference last week. She was carrying this boffo cool paper flower and I just HAD to take a photo of it so I could CASE it for a class! Turns out, it was a swap she had received from a demo in Florida, Charlene Harreveld. I don't know you Charlene, but girl, if you are reading this - I LOVED this idea! I hope you like what I did with it!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
And hey, if you haven't checked out my website and the NEW Idea Book and Catalog online, go do it now! There are all new, fabulous project ideas there just for you.
Click the Shop Now button on the upper right corner of my website and click thru the pages. Even if you have a hard copy of the catalog, there are projects you can only view online!
Stampin' and shoppin' fun for everyone!


  1. Hi! This is Charlene! I'm glad you liked my idea! Yours turned out really cute, too!

  2. Congrats on being the first of five! Are you going to Hawaii? I'm not, but if you are, I would love for you to meet my downline Heather. She's fab!


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