Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why I do What I do........

You know, I recognize how very lucky I am to be your Stampin' Up! demonstrator (and friend!) every day.

Some days can be a challenge - like when my computer is having issues that I just don't understand. (Can I cancel THAT subscription? I don't need THOSE issues! Sheesh!)

Anyway, most days, I truly count my blessings to be part of such a wonderful community of creative, sharing people. Stamping and paper crafting is more than a hobby and a business. It's an outlet and a bond and dare I say lifestyle? You know what I mean.......

I received two e-mails recently from two stamping friends. They don't know each other and they certainly don't know that I'm about to share with ALL of you, but both just touched my heart so much. They reinforced for me the REAL reasons why I do what I do.

The first one came from Leslie and was a wonderfully kind thought that she wanted to share with me. I'll quote her here:

"I had to send you this response from a friend regarding her Christmas card."

""Hi Leslie!
Thank you for the beautiful card & letter! I think the card is the prettiest one I have received this year! It looks hand-crafted! Wow. Very classy.""

"How about that! I know it doesn't surprise you at all. Thanks for helping to make our Christmas special. Leslie"

Leslie just began stamping in November and I'm so excited for her! She has seen so quickly how the power of a hand-stamped card can touch someone.

The second e-mail came from my friend Kimberly. Kimberly is a recent convert to stamping, having been a scrapbooker for a very long time. Imagine my surprise to receive an e-mail from her yesterday containing the photo I've posted for you today.

Kimberly wanted to create someting special for her Mom for Christmas this year and using specially chosen supplies and a template from the Idea Book, she created this fabulous card set and box!

I LOVE how it turned out and am so proud of Kimberly! Didn't she do an amazing job?

So this is why I do what I do.

To see you create something beautiful from seemingly simple objects. To hear the joy in your voice when you're pleased with your work. To share your delight when you've made someone happy by giving them your creations.

Thank you for making my job one of the best anywhere. Let's share lots of joy in this New Year, shall we?


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