Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Suzie Finds a Home

Yes, this is our sweet little Suzie. Acutally, "little" does not really describe her - she is 30 pounds and is about 6-9 months old. LOL!

Isn't she sweet? How could we just NOT adopt her? She was an abandoned stray in our neighborhood a couple of days before Christmas and had made a home under our neighbors deck. They were feeding her but had called Animal Control because they just can't have a dog right now. Long story short, we left for our trip to Mark's family for the holiday and when we got back, she was gone. I assumed that she had been picked up and taken to the pound. BUT, our other neighbor had noticed that Suzie was limping badly and was able to get her to our vet (Buster, our other dog goes there too) for evaluation.

Well, they just fell in love with her at the vet's office and took her in as an Angel Adoption. They discovered that she had a fractured hip - unknown cause - and rehabbed her. After advertising her widely the whole month of January, there was no one claiming her - just so hard to believe - but I digress. This whole time, I just felt like we should try and adopt her but my hubby wasn't so sure - guess we know who won that round! LOL! So, last week, I took Emma and Buster up to the vet everyday to spend time with Suzie and on Friday, she came home!

She is definitely a rambunctious puppy, plays hard and sleeps hard, but she is keeping Buster on his toes and has endeared herself to all of us. She's pretty scared of any strangers, but we are sure she will warm up in time when she realizes that this is home and no one will ever hurt her again.

Puppy love, what can be better?
Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Welcome Suzie! I can't imagine who would be so hard hearted to abandon a puppy, especially right before Christmas. Sounds like she must have been hit by a car. Blessings on your neighbor for feeding her, your other neighbor for taking her to the vet, the vet for caring for her...and you for adopting her! Hope she brings much happiness to you (and Buster, Emma, and Mark!).

  2. She's so cute. How wonderful of you to adopt her. She looks like a friendly pup. Have fun with your new family member:)


  3. God bless you and your family for adopting Susie! You are special people!

  4. She's super cute Robin - hope she brings you much joy and happiness!

  5. Congrats on the new family member. I am glad she found a great home now! She looks really sweet!

  6. Suzie looks like she fits right in.
    Hope Buster is having fun with her and is not tooo put out.

    Thanks for rescuing her.

    Love your blog projects.


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