Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow-pocalypse 2010!

This view in my neighborhood is really so much nicer without 2 feet of snow on the ground! So, how's the weather in your neighborhood? These pictures were taken this morning around 10:30. It has been snowing here since about 9 am yesterday and as of right now, the forecasters are calling for another 10 inches before it ends around midnight tonight.
Yep, a lovely day in the neighborhood!

Mark cleared a path to the gate, but as of right now, it's covered over again with a couple more inches!

Don't think I want to sit in my swing today!

Here is the intrepid shoveling hero himself, note the very sad face and pooched out bottom lip. He is clearly not excited about going out the front door!

And now you can see why! Yep, that is snow up past our stoop. What you can't see is that we have 4 steps spread out, leading down to the sidewalk. This snow is flat across leading out to the walk. not fun!

At least until you decide to make the most of it and make a snow angel! He does have a little bit of a smile on his face!

Good thing no one is calling for the police today - I don't think mine can get there to help!

He did eventually get a little helper! Serena came down from her house to help clean off his car, but sadly, the snow brush just wasn't enough so she made sure the mail could be delivered!

Here is a picture of my second shoveling hero, Emma the Strong!
Just look at those muscles! :)

Here Serena is negotiating her cleaning fee with Mark. Hey, shoveling is hard work you know!

Emma the Strong has decided to give in to the ancient urge to make a snow angel herself! Only problem is that she ended up like a turtle and couldn't get up again!

I'm sure I'll have more fun-filled photos to share tomorrow, so stay tuned for more Snow-pocalypse 2010!


  1. I can hear it crunching under my feet. Of course though, it is only 59 degrees here.


  2. Robin, I loved looking at all your pictures, I absolutely love to see the snow and it's more fun when it's a fellow stamper. I honestly wish I were there to help shovel. I love to shovel snow and don't get the chance but once every few years when I go to a friends Mountain house in Mammoth. It's such good exercise. But of course I can see the downside when you have to live in it. It is beautiful to see. Thanks for posting the pics. Can't wait to see the new ones.

  3. Wow! That is crazy!! We are only in for 10 inches or so starting Sunday into Monday . . . but the kids are hoping school will be called off. Being we are in MN . . . it probably won't be. The plows will be out full force. Seeing your hubby making a snow angel made my day! lol! All the pics were cute. TFS.

  4. Oh Robin, I must admit it is pretty. I'll bet that cruise is looking VERY good at this moment. We only got 4 very drifted inches in NW Ohio but my sis in Columbus, OH, 2 hours away got over 12". Enjoy the weather then the cruise. Sherrie Robinson

  5. Oh my goodness Robin!!! AND you have gotten a ton more since these pictures were taken!!! I can't believe Mark made a snow angel!!! So cute!!! Can't wait to see the updated pics tomorrow and I loved chatting with you on the phone tonight!! Now get off the computer and get those last few layouts done for this wedding album!!! Take care and stay warm!!
    Luv ya and miss ya!!!

  6. As pretty as it looks, I am not at all envious! We have had less snow here in NH than those of you south of us. We didn't get as much as a snow flurry from the storm you are getting. Stay warm!

  7. Robin,
    These pictures are amazing!
    And I think I am cold here... it is 56 degrees! yikes.. we Californians are really wimps!
    I am sorry we didn't get to spend more time together at Leadership.. I pray for you every Monday.

  8. Robin, It is beautiful! thanks for sharing this.
    I am sorry we didnt get to spend any time together at leadership. I still pray for you every Monday.

  9. oops. I now see that you ahve to approve the comments.. okay! So you see I have now left you a jillion comments... :>(

  10. Robin, The little bit of snow I've seen here in TN is enough to make me ready for that cruise so I know you're past ready! Can't wait either. Enjoyed the pics!! Rene Watson

  11. Robin,
    Thanks for sharing your snow-pocalypse 2010 photos! It's so good to see you guys making the best of it:-) It's hard to believe that so much more snow is still forcasted.
    Snow wishes,

  12. Robin....
    I have to admit that I am so NOT jealous!! I saw some photos my son took (he's just down the road a piece from you) and my arms just ache from the thought of all that shoveling. We've been there, done definitely have my sympathy. That storm missed us by only about 45 was blown out to the Atlantic by the Canadian clipper that blew down. So COLD here....but snow is on it's way mid week...just not sure how much! Try to stay warm....Springtime is getting closer!

  13. Some serious snow there sistah! I hope your cozy warm inside by the fire.


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